Cheater on ladder

There’s a brazilian player with 18xx elo (1v1) using some cheat for desync game when he will lose. With sync error he don’t lose points and the winner don’t get points.

I played a few times against him and he still doing the same

btw he usually use the name of opponents that them reported him



Can confirm this to be true. it’s also impossible to download his replays, none of them are available. I saw a few days ago more people complaining about it on

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And he continues to cheat his way up the ladder.

Hope the developers have a solution

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Good morning, this player started to change his cheat accounts to my nick, TLWS_JubileuAOE I have also been denouncing him through the game and through the forum, whatzap channel of the Brazilian community, to try to find out who this cheater is.

I mean that person is not me, and I really want the DEVs to do something about it.

The cheat accounts are: