Cheating: infinite resources from the get go

i recently played against a player online and like i do when i have no clue, how he won the game, i checked the replay. So i am very surprised when i see that he started with a quadrillion res. First i thought it had to be a display bug, but then i saw his eco was idle a lot, still he beat me to feudal built a lot of scouts and clicked up to castle, built a castle and clicked up to imp.

how is this possible? Did any of you had a similar match up?

reported the player, but for me this destroys the game completely. thankfully most of the players respect the game

Which type of game was it ?
ranked ? lobby ? quick play ?

Ranked 1v1 Arabia. I was around 1.1k elo

Could you provide us a replay maybe? I’d Like to See that.

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he even loses a vill to the boar
MP Replay v101.101.63581.0 @2022.08.29 202020 (1).aoe2record (2.8 MB)

E: i still somehow can’t believe it and think maybe i am missing something, but he does all the upgrades, queues lots of scouts and queues vills. Two stables with only 4 on wood and two towers without mining stone, no market and no deer pushing neither

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too bad I only got to watch it now so the patch destroyed it and I only could see the first 2 minutes, but yeah, there is defintly something fishy about this.

reported a player who uses cheat program to change name middle of game, with unlimited resources, allowing player to force other player in game to resign. but looks like they took no action and when posted in discord they brushed it off. looks like those people with same program will still have free reign on whoever they play against.


You will be able to watch it if you revert the game version back to the previous

Yeah, i know, but i dont know how to do that and im not gonna do that for some random replay :wink: