Cheating the performance benchmark system

Just a question: why is it still possibile to cheat the performance benchmark system for ranked games? Why people with old pcs are still able to ruin the game for other players?

If you cannot pass the benchmark test on the resolution you want to play on, you should not be allowed to join the ranked queue, yet people are able to pass the tests on the lowest settings possible just to change them back after they are done and queue up in ranked


Yeah why is it so hard for the game to see that the settings have changed and therefore another test needs to be run?

Do you have a proof that many players are cheesing the system? Or is that just a feeling?


Yes, it’s possible.
A guy called Gregstein made an app for this: GitHub - gregstein/SenseiDE: Unleash The Ultimate Performance from Age of Empires 2 Definitive

Overall it makes your game run faster in every case, but if you barely pass the benchmark test using the tool, you will provoce huge lag for everyone if there are a few 100 units out.

Having yellow/red clock from the start of the game in 4v4 seems to be enough of a proof

The yellow/red clock is the ping… Nothing to do with the computer.

False, yellow clock and red clocks are system lag, they changed the old turtle and comet symbols from the vanilla game, you can verify this by checking pressing f11 and check the fps and latency(ping), usually below 30 fps you get a yellow clock, below 20 fps you get red clock.


its more of a question of hardware and software are so capable nowadays the benchmark is useless if one really wish to ruin game.

they need to re-write part of the game engine to not lag all players if theres 1 lagger. not sure if thats doable but thats what we’re hoping to see.

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Yeah, but in the meantime the solution is to exclude the laggers from the ranked

they could troll and purposely lag you even if they aren’t normally laggers. I think its time they change the old engine and fixing it completely.

Ok thank you I didn’t know they change the meaning