hi, i’m a golden league player
is it posible in 6 min second TC? 15 villagers… age up and 2nd tc?

Pretty sure it’s possible. Although that seems very risky…

Was your opponent Abbasid? Yes it’s possible but you can exploit that build with just a handful of units to raid his base.

It’s possible to start building a 2nd TC at around 4:45, the time it finishes building depends how many villagers you use to build it, but completing it by well before 6 minutes is definitely possible. You tend not to see people do truly “fast” builds (zero military) like that at any decent level in AoE 4, though. What people sometimes describe as a fast castle or fast imperial in AoE 4 isn’t usually the same thing as in AoE 2, I guess one reason is the inability to wall with buildings in 4. So you generally won’t see anyone starting to build a 2nd TC at 4:45 in a high level game because they’ll make some military units first.