Chicken or the Egg?

Developers make a game for macOS or macOS users buy games? Which came first?

How to I show that I and others want these games to come to mac? Buying the game on windows only shows more support for a platform I don’t have.

Mac has the hardware now, and I want the game without buying a seperate PC rig when I already have a powerful mac.

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It isn’t a matter of the machine. The financial incentive isn’t there for most companies to produce a game for both operating systems. Something like 95.6% of Steam users alone were PC gamers back in 2015/16, iirc, which has probably gone down recently, but even if it’s down to 85%, the incentive is still low for an RTS game, which is now a niche genre in gaming.

I know that windows is the dominant platform already, how can I show support for the game to come to mac now that the hardware is there to support it?

I’m not sure how to go about doing that for this game other than trying to contact the Devs themselves about their plans for Mac support going forward.

“Nobody plays games on Apple!”(PC gaming)

You don’t have to buy a new PC to use windows.
You just need a windows license.
Just use the bootcamp app on your mac to install it.

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Not if you’re rocking Apple Silicon :sob:

And AoM doesn’t run on Crossover, they’re investigating why.

Is there a more direct way than these forums to get in contact with the devs?

As far as I know, this is the official forum for the game, so unless you can find personal contacts within the Dev team, there isn’t much more you can do besides posting here about it, or getting others with the same interest to do so.