'Chieftains of the New World' A DLC concept

In my case it would be Lady Six Sky (683-741)…

In my case it would be Zuangua (1486-1520)…

That seems fine to me…

There is no money to make such big dlcs…

Yes, that’s strange…

Unless its a dlc from civis from around the world its a bad design due to the number of civis ingame right now.

Some of these civ bonuses exist already.

UUs and UTs sound terrible. Stop locking viability of UUs behind UTs or copy pasting existing units. Villagers costing Wood instead of Food in Imperial age is just not worth researching. Maybe if it made them much cheaper.

You really gotta reconsider some of these bonuses:
Faster shooting scorpions or mangonels? Celts anyone?
Team bonus: Outposts +25% hitpoints? How is making situational building with no armor and low hp last 1 second longer useful?
Team Bonus: Castles work 20% faster? Berber UT, hello??
+3 attack on skirms? Overpowered. And UU that is also skirm?? Whats the point of both together?
-20% cheaper eco techs is not a real eco bonus. Some civs get several techs free.
Garrison in eco buildings? Just better Khmer bonus where all vills are unkillable in sturdier buildings?

There is plenty more that makes these civs not work but yep, work on it.

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Besides the AI graphic - which spurred lots of discussions and contributions :sweat_smile: - and the bonuses, I would prefer just one Americas DLC with Purepechas, Chimú and a Maya campaign.

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