[Chilly] Byzantine Teaser Analysis

New Byzantine details, as I expected those spearmen are indeed equipped with shields, I wonder if they’re a new unique unit or the shields can be acquired from upgrades.

Rams equipped with flamethrowers or flamethrowers can fire from the inside as well?

Kinda disappointed that they went for the Palailogos family crest rather than the chi ro symbol.

It’s quite surprising how accurate they modeled the Byzantine army compared to the Japanese (their heavy cav still have shields).

What do you mean? You don’t like how they modeled the Byzantines?

They look like they will be pretty interesting, their building set looks nice. There was speculation about some units seen in the teasers, according to the article today they will indeed be able to hire mercenaries.

“The Byzantines civilization focuses on the Eastern Roman Empire which lasted over a thousand years. Players will be able to build aqueducts and cisterns, harvest a new resource, and hire mercenaries.”

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From where u get this picture?

Microsoft store preorder page.

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Does this sounds like I’m disappointed to you?