[Chilly] Byzantine Teaser Analysis

Ho! So hyped for this. Byzantines confirmed!
I went through and labeled all the interesting things I found in the image - let the speculation begin!

EDIT - I just published a video where I do a breakdown of what we see in the screenshot.

I also recently published a video going over how I’d design the Byzantines. I spoke of their influence mechanic being centered around Cisterns and Aquaducts. It’s really cool to see the devs thinking along the same lines!


The walls look interesting. Not wide enough for units to walk along the top.

Nevermind, aqueducts.

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I think keshik and ghulam are mercenary units much like mongols creating rus and chinese units

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Those are aquaducts, not walls!


Yeah, but it kind of makes historical sense for the Mongols to get Rus and Chinese units. Their empire subjugated the Rus and the Chinese.

The Byzantines were just a separate, rival empire to the Abbasids and the Mongols.

I’m glad they went with Japan and Byzantium. All the polls and comments said they were the most wanted civs. People were saying that they would do two related civs like Japan and Koria, then next year get Byzantines and Italy. Glad they just gave us what we wanted.


The Hagia Sophia looks a little off to me. The walls look flat and it looks like they altered it’s shape to fit into the wonder 4X4 tile space requirement. Everything else is epic.

Looks great. I really like it.

Looks like the spearmen in the top left have shields.


I wonder if the developers used your Byzantines civ concept as one of the references for creating their own version of the Byzantines?

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For all the hype, why is the screenshot so pixellated and rubbish. Or is that how poor resolution AOE4 is? Sad state.

If that’s true, it makes us think we did something good for the game by doing Civs concepts and discussions. I suppose that when the final product comes out we will be able to make a more curious comparison of the matter in question.

As anecdotal data:

  • When the Ottomans and Mali came out, there were still not that many concepts of these civs on the forum, except for an Ottoman design (AoE4 Civilization Concept: The Ottoman Empire ) with some similarities with the final design:
    – 1.- Considered the concept of the Grand Vizir, but as a single unit instead of a point system
    – 2.- He guessed the Toktapi Palace Landmark, although with a different effect.

  • In Mali there was one, (Civ Concept: Malinke (Malians)), which:
    – 1.- Guessed the concept of ranch and livestock right.
    – 2.- Guessed the Wonder right.

If in the end these concepts helped in the inspiration of the final civ, they are appreciated.


They look like they are going to be fun to use!

Actually the editor came out in the patches before it and i already tried making an Ottomans civ with the editor and posted it. Even had a Mod post on it.

Gosh i’m really happy to hear the Byzantines will be added!

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But i didnt like the new farm type because byzantines was farming wheat too but if its a second farm unique to byzantine im ok with it.They look like olive trees.I also liked that took some of your ideas that shows devs are listening.


While the civ concepts might differ greatly from what AoE dev team decides to go for.

At least when I was making (I’ll be soon back on making more again, just been busy and distracted with other things) my main goal was to give inspiration. And it makes me equally happy when other people take inspiration from my ideas to create their own ideas, this applies just as much to other people on the interwebz as it does to any game developter.

One of the main driving motivation was to introduce people to niché tidbits of history, introducing something new and unfamiliar with the general people coming across it.
But ofcourse theres a big dopamin rush when you see your ideas actually coming to fruition.

I’m super excited to see if the Japanese samurai units are as I predicted with being role-changable (aka lodya ships).

And I’m super happy to see @coatol5 Aquaduct and Cistern prediction coming to reality, even if it has different effects.


Is there high resolution pic of byzantines?

Congratz m8, your aqueducts idea really do got implemented now I’m curious what effects that they would bring to the gameplay. It looks like the spearmen also got their shields too, if you’re worry about balance they could just min maxing their stats to accommodate for that imo. I just hope their military isn’t a pushover when they’re released

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The thing is that there weren’t many Middle Eastern options to include…it was Jerusalem or Byzantium…I also understand that perhaps Jerusalem will also come in the DLC, but they should announce it later in October, before the DLC comes out…

As far as I understand, boost harvesting from farms…