Chimu Empire: In Concept and Practice


This is a refinement of my Chimu civ design as introduced in my exploratory concepts/testing thread. This design has been simplified for consideration to be added to the game, and includes a map wherein you can play as Chimu, with all bonuses/units created through triggers.

Note that this design uses slingers as a semi-regional native unit that has a different ability for each civ (only Inca slingers have an anti-infantry bonus).

Infantry and Siege Civ:


-Blacksmith available in Dark Age, Archer Armors and Infantry attack upgrades available 1 Age earlier.
-Rams 2x Garrison Capacity and LoS.
-Farms are 2x2 size.
-Eagle Warriors move and attack 3.33% faster per Age.

Unique Technologies:
Mountain Warfare

-Mountain Warfare: Slingers and Siege units destroy armor, units have no damage penalty when fighting uphill, deal +30% when fighting downhill. (250 F 450 G)

-Ciudadelas: All buildings mitigate 33% of bonus damage. Allows construction of Stonecast Towers. (800G 400 S)

Unique Units:
Ciequich: Axe throwing infantry with poor accuracy and slow fire rate, but high attack that deals full damage to unintended targets.

Ciequich Stats

HP 60 AT 13, +3 vs Cav 2/2 Armor 6 Range
Elite (1000 F 600 G)
HP 70 AT 15 +4 vs Cav 3/3 Armor 6 Range
Base Speed 0.875, Train Time 10 Seconds, Reload Time 3 Seconds

Slinger: Slinger has +1 attack relative to the Inca slinger (no anti-infantry bonus).

Missing Techs: Gunpowder and Cavalry related units/techs, Arbalester, Thumb Ring, Halberdier, Heated Shot, Treadmill Crane, Hoardings, Atonement, Herbal Medicine, Heresy, Faith, Illumination, Block Printing, Two-Man Saw, Banking.

Chimu History and Description

Chimor was a powerful South American coastal empire, and an enemy of the Incas. The Chimu Empire employed what was perhaps the most sophisticated metalworking technology in the Americas, as well as advanced irrigation systems. The capital at Chan Chan was a famous hub of industry and artisanship, and is known for its palatial Ciudadelas, which contained storerooms and large plazas.

The Chimu civilization has powerful aggressive potential due to its faster Eagle Warriors, Blacksmith bonus, and anti-personnel siege. They receive a modest economic boost from their villagers working slightly faster on the smaller farms, although this, like the power of their Eagles, diminishes in late game, where they rely upon a gold heavy composition of powerful siege weapons and Ciequiches.

Here is a map where you can play as the Chimu. Set your player #/color to 4/Yellow. This map is different from the one released in the larger thread, as Yellow is the only new civ it includes.

Chimu Civ Concept.aoe2scenario (73.5 KB)

Broken Editor Units

Note that since the devs generally put minimal effort into the Editor, none of the triggers I created that modify any unit’s attack or armor work anymore (as of the 6/29/22 “update”), so UUs will have different attack/armor values than what is shown in this thread. Nothing I can do about that until the devs decide to fix the Editor.


I really like this concept of same unit having different bonuses.


I really don’t like how you took the Obuch special ability, and gave it to numerous units, I feel it makes a cool unit a lot less unique.

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Noted, but we’re about at a place where you can’t really design a civ, some aspect of which doesn’t somewhat resemble the bonus/UU/UT of an existing civ (slightly hyperbolic, but essentially true). So I’m not going to worry too much about some level of overlap, especially between units that have quite different functions. And as you’re probably aware as far as people-pleasing, the space between designing bonuses that people think are too radical and that people think are too similar to an existing bonus is laughably small. Also what do you mean numerous civs? Even in my crazy ideation thread, Chimu are the only ones who had this ability.

Oh, sorry, I meant numerous units, not civs. I’ll edit my post above to fix that.

I could potentially take it away from the Ciequich, as they wouldn’t need it with slightly improved stats, and they kind of already have a niche as Throwing Axeman/Arambai fusion and ranged anti-cav. But it’s a solid bonus for siege, and different enough role (also makes more sense than the Obuch IMO, but that’s neither here nor there). Also think slingers should keep it since it makes them a weaker but more flexible Arb replacement. I’ve alternately thought about giving slingers ignore armor + less attack, but then the Leitis fanboys would raise the same objection. Although the more I think about it the more I like the idea of giving them 3 base attack, but the ignore armor ability.

Honestly this civ is a lot easier to follow. I think the first UT is a little loaded. As both the terrain and the armor shred effects can both Be seen as valuable techs on their own.

Also what defines a Stonecast tower?

Age earlier arrows can be terrifying. Sure the techs aren’t cheap and no thumb ring sucks but having 4+2 in Feudal means skirmishers are very much a non issue. Having 5+3 means you can eat mangonels twice as fast as other crossbows.

Their eco isn’t bad either. Faster eagle scouting is decently valuable and 2x2 farms means less time for villagers to wander and not collect food.

It feels a lot more focused and easier to see what the plan is.

You said the cechuiq is good vs cavalry? I hope so because no Halbs is a scary thing.


Seems extremely overpowered for their archers and eagles

Really like this

Seems good

A bit strong but if you remove the armor bonus seems good too

I dont want to use this for normal units (although Slingers may be fine). It overlaps too much with the Obuch for the Ciequich

These stats seem way too good unless it is extremely expensive, also, the bonus vs cav overlaps with the Muisca UU a bit too much


It’s a cool civ with a lot of unique ideas, I think it has a number of overpowered stuff though

Eagles being 16.5% faster (bonuses are multiplicative, so multiplies with squires) with +15% attack rate as a free imperial power spike is a bit much. Nevermind the huge powerspike eagles will have in castle age. Just by itself those castle age eagles will be too good.

The blacksmith by itself would be too good. You get better than bohemian xbows for vastly cheaper and easier. Nevermind the massive powerspike in feudal from +2 archers.

Now combine the eagles and the blacksmith. +3/3 eagles with +11% speed and +10% attack is like a wet dream

Now consider that UT(edit: what!? It’s not even a UT it’s a CIV bonus :joy::rofl:) why wouldn’t you just auto spam scorps and destroy absolutely everything? Obuchs are strong enough being melee, now you have a ranged unit with pass through doing the exact same thing… :rofl::joy:

I love the idea of the civ, but way to many OP tech. I’m sorry my guy. Wow. Ultra OP

Doesn’t matter they lack halbs when they destroy everyone by feudal or castle at the latest.

I’m sure there will even be some form of killer drush with BS upgrades

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It’s much much much better than that. You combine Briton and bohemians advantages

You combine Teutons, malians, buffed Celts and Incan eagles into one in castle age

It’s basically the way Devs created civs for aoe4 :joy:

Really like the civ bonuses overall , except for the blacksmith one which is very overpowered.

If anybody wanted a new civ to have that kind of bonus, here is a nerfed version of that bonus I would be ok with:

  • Blacksmith available in dark age
  • Padded archer armor line and forging line techs are available one age earlier.

If that seems underwhelming, maybe the scale mail armor line could also benefit from that bonus for an old world civ (therefore not the chimu).


Good feedback from everyone,

I think having both is fine, since if it was just the terrain aspect I don’t think most people would bother with it. Although I will make it not affect Ciequich and might make the armor destruction of siege be tied to the tech, not given for free.

Eh, I realize I forgot to put some important details in the OP. Will update.

Agreed, it’s far too strong right now.

I forgot some important details (this unit has 3s reload time instead of the usual 2), will update in the OP.

This is fair, I might reduce it to 3.33% per Age, which makes them slightly stronger, but with no Imp Eagle tech like the others have, so they’ll fall off hard late game.

This is a good bonus, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the role of scorps (still countered by cav/mangos and still strong vs infantry/archers). That said, I see no reason not to tie it to the UT instead of giving it for free.

This is an excellent and elegant solution. I was going to change it by keeping all techs available an age earlier at +50% cost, but I think this is better. I will change their blacksmith bonus to this.

-Changed Blacksmith tech availability to Forging + Archer Armor lines.
-Reduced Eagle Speed/Attack rate to 3.33/Age
-Tied siege armor destroying ability to UT, removed it from Ciequich

I still think there shouldnt have bonus vs cav. You cant ave two ranged infantry UUs with bonus vs cav imo

That’s reasonable. Chimu need it more though, lacking Halb and Arb, so I’ll remove it from the Muisca UU when I make some changes to them.