China balance suggestion Palace Guard

Make Palace Guard a Tang dynasty unit, that would buff China really well and make it viable now.


I have the same idea, but relic won’t do it.


Also place the PG upgrade on Spirit Way, it make perfect sense. It would make china a VERY feudal viable civ now that its imperial is ■■■■.


Viable in what way?

PG dies to crossbows, any other civs MAA and lancers. They’re fast to run but the fact that they just to enemy faster with less armor results them dying faster.

Crossbow in feudal ? Where ?

Doesn’t matter. If you got feudal MAA it means they got very little armor and high cost. Cant be utilized to effectively raid anything like knights because they’re too slow and take too much dmg and in castle they get super hard countered by everything and just dies. So worthless change

It’s a useless patch that nerfs China completely to the ground. Better we forget whatever the ■■■■ this mess is and look forward to the new DLC contents or just play another game

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China need Buff early game.
Can tax at outpost , keep.
2st landmark less cost 50%.

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They are almost cheap knights except they don’t get countered by spears. You can raid opponent to hell if you use it correctly.

Knights do get countered by spears. And making PG available in Feudal can be very concerning for civs that don’t have access to MAA. They will have no counter. MAA are very slow so if someone is making in feudal you would already be going to castle for time it takes MAA to reach your base.

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Not even close to knights. Not even close. Want me to repeat it again?

PG is like 20% slower than knights/lancers, they don’t have charge ability and can’t fight against crossbows or opponent MAA. Also villagers can much easily run away from them especially when the game animations makes unit to stop moving which lets villagers escape more easily.

And you compare them to knights XD Good joke sir. You do know how to raid with knights? Do you? Spears dont counter knights unless they can force them into very favorable fight which is head on fight in choke point which isn’t really possible in many cases unless you’re willing to invest on multiple walls or walling your whole base.

Knights are faster and they have charge. When using knights or lancers if player knows how to charge properly it will result instantly killing 2-4 villagers with no chance of escape and spears dragging far behind and this can continue for several minutes.

Meanwhile PG runs to location and starts hitting villagers. Takes 5 hits to kill villager without textiles. With textiles its like 7 or 8 hits. what a great raiding unit to compare knights that just 2 shot villagers.

Even when knights face spears, all player has to do is run past them and surround them and spears lose the fight. Top of that PG takes lot more dmg from ranged attacks meaning TC fire and tower fire is more lethal than its to knights.

Only thing they win against knights is torching buildings because its easier to get higher amount of PG than knights but they’re not close to knight level raiding unit. Not even longshot.

??? :smiley: Like HRE or English early MAA which are never used? Pointless. You dont have economy to support proper production it slows you down too much. Not worth


I like the idea! I think one main point that some ppl above ignored is that to make them counted as dynasty units, so they can get the new buff from spirit way, which is quite decent.

China only struggles feudal vs the two feudal kings, french and English (lb/maa). Now french you can BBQ/TR their gold or wood and you’ll trade verse them just fine. Anyone other civ attempt to hang with china in a prolong feudal play will lose skill for skill. Delhi? Snipe the scholars. Rus? Knights dont heal… HRE (should tower rush them too then you’ll out mass them in units), abbasid…really abbasid? And Mongol don’t wanna chill in feudal period.

Last thing in most cases you don’t NEED to sit in feudal for long.

And then you wonder why people start complaining about how OP tower rushing is, when in reality this is the only optimal play vs French as Chinese.

Chinese game plan is mostly booming while surviving till late game to secure the win. PUP2 nerfs Chinese late game to the ground (ZGN attack speed is sneakily nerfed to match crossbowman, Spirit Way rework is also more of a nerf to dynasty units and the fact it comes too late to be useful).

How to play the new Chinese: get ■■■■■■ early game, get ■■■■■■ late game. Win rate is gonna look great in this patch.

Useless buff.

Firstly the heal is joke. Its not reliable at all and most cases it will not end up being impactful or healing full amount. Its 2 hp per second and when units might get hit by 30-50 per hit from multiple sources it has no time to tick relevant amount. Only use would be out of combat to heal low hp army back up but this again creates problem.

Second the buff encourages china to make cheapest dynasty unit which would be in this case PG and delete one mid of fight when going for superior comp to get the buff up. Fun and exciting gameplay to press delete to kill own unit or kamikaze it to enemy.

Third attack speed buffs are not providing correct amount as far Im aware so might be mistaken.

Fourth new spirit way is huge downgrade in every way. They give you -50% for dynasty upgrades but in fact that if china went for dynasty unit heavy comp it could easily save tens of thousands resources per game so saving 500resources in elite upgrade is joke. Also IO is capable of researching tech for 150% speed which again is downgrade in spiritway.

Nothing about the changes is decent. They’re ■■■■. China has not received any good changes ever other than just purely butchering everything and identity taken away

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