China beckons, return of the Dynasty

Can’t wait for more free time to enjoy my favorite civilization, China, once again being labeled useless makes it so much more appealing to me. I’ve enjoyed Abbasid for a time, but China beckons.
Thank you relic, sincerely, for keeping this game so interesting!


Still great in team games. Just spam walls with castles and siege. still good.
Or fast game just mass FL (still good for hit and run hurrass)

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Winrates disagree with you. Last patch china was worst civ on team games outside of 3v3 where they were third best but rest they were bottom feeder

Delhi is the wall spam Civ. If China wants to spam walls they must use workers, losing villager time and possibly villagers in the process.

But if they don’t wall, or their ally doesn’t, they’re my first target to rush in team games. #superweak_start

Couldn’t care less, fun is the object the game, not pretending to be a programmer/game developer/ pro gamer/ published game critic,
I mean, if that’s fun to you, more power to you. I have more fun on age4