China Build Idea - Art of Artillery (Cannon Spam FI)

So it feels like my creative juices is flowing again cause after seeing that US build where you spam Heavy cannons with the Knox Artillery train card, I thought "China has good artilery cards, lets see what happens’

And lo and behold, there is a path and its arguably very funny since I think you start cannon production earlier then any other civ, atleast in a unpressured environment.

The goal is to get to age 4 and spam Heavy cannon out of the factory you get from the Russian consulate and Flying crows you get from Confucian Academy.

The reason why you start so much earlier then other civs is because both of these are not shipments, there isnt a 40 second wait time and costing 2 shipments just to start producing cannons, you can get access to them at just about the time reaching age 4.

Sample deck

The build is kinda precise and it does leave you vulnerable since you dont get any units until you get to age 4 but its fun

Start with TP + village - first card Tea export into French consulate

Normally you would send the food immediately upon getting french consulate but you have to delay this for this build until after the second card - Good Faith agreement, which will reduce the cost of all consulate techs, the key to getting everything you need.

age up with the temple of heaven and build it with 4 vils, in transition collect the food crates and have most vils collecting gold until you reach 300. the rest on food, though i find you only need like 2 vils on food cause you have banked up food with the french consulate.

Once 300 gold is collected set every vil on food.

Once in age 2 then send 700 gold to age and then the 300 export card - this will provide all the export needed for the next steps

once 700 gold arrives set 5 vils on them and then age up with the Summer palace for the food - build it with 8 vils

In transition again set most vils to gold - collect 600 and the rest on food

once in age 3 send the 600 gold from the french consulate and then switch to russian consulate

colllect the 600 gold which should net the 1200 needed to age and then immediately build the confucian academy with 8 vils

once in age 4 get the factory as fast as possible and set it to cannons, in transition try to collect 300 food and gold for the production speed tech.

And now you have all you need to start cannon spamming


Nice build! How long does it take you to get to Industrial with it?

If you are not pressured you should be in age 4 by 10 mins

example semi casual game
Record Game.age3Yrec (12.8 MB)

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