China has 2 horse artillery unit, and the consulate one is weird

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So the horse artillery that China gets from the french consulate seems to be a very different unit from the horse artillery they get from the age 4 wokou junk card that also includes 5 horse artillery in them.

The Wukou card sends what seems to be normal french age 4 horse artillery (so they don’t auto upgrade) and they have the same stats as other horse artillery( but I don’t ever remember horse artillery having this shorter 13 range atk bombard atk)

The consulate artillery doesn’t have this 13 range atk and instead list the second atk as 0 dmg and 0 range.

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I’m most certain it’s because both unit are different in game code, as one is the ART horse artillery while the other is CON horse artillery.

Similar case that I still don’t know the reason why is the Hussar from British consulate is weaker than the one from Ottoman consulate.

They definitely are different units cause the consulate one auto-upgrades so its definitely required that they are different units, but usually they should have the same base.

I think the reason why this is the case is that DE updated the horse artillery to have that 13 range atk but didn’t do it for the consulate one