China mid-late suggested Imperial Academy upgrade

Let’s get straight to it; China needs Imperial Tax upgrade that allows the IO to collect the tax and cache it ON THE SPOT. You can make the animation a 1-2s thing which would potentially make it less efficient than early micro managing your IO’s, but mid game +, IO tax pathing management is TOOO much to do.

I suggest a the Feudal age upgrade Imperial Examination change to allowing for double collection & caching tax on the spot. Or an additional tech added for cheap that allows for on the spot cache of taxes.

ANOTHER Idea to fix the inefficient taxation routing of IO’s is to introduce a soft extended taxation cap. Let me explain:

So the IO starts with 40 tax capacity, and the priority issues arise when the IO goes for a less than 40 taxation building then another building to reach 40 capacity and puts both buildings on cooldown regardless the fact that the 2nd building has so much tax left. I suggest each IO is always able to collect 40 tax from any building that has at least 40 tax available EVEN IF the IO is at 39 tax capacity.

Mill has 139 tax
lumber camp has 36 tax
mining camp has 10 tax

Say for some GOD AWFUL REASON the IO heads to the mining camp FIRST… collects the 10 tax and now is heading to another building to reach its 40 capacity. But with my suggestion it doesn’t matter which of the 2 buildings it goes to next to reach soft cap 40, it will always attempt to pull 40 tax if 40 is available. So if after heading to mining camp and it has 10 tax it could go to lumber camp and pull the full 36 tax and have cache 46 tax that needs to be dropped off. Or it could have gone to the mill 2nd and pulled 40 tax and ended up with 50 tax that needs to be dropped off. With my suggest IO tax collection would become more efficient.

Edit 2

Each IO gets its own cooldown per building rather than a global taxation CD. Since no 2 IO’s can target the same building at the same time, you’ll naturally have the IO’s start at different locations but in the case one has a bad tax route the 2nd or 3rd or 4th can come in behind him and clean up!!

Edit 3

Remove the tax cooldown all together AND add highest cache priority to keep the IO from being stuck in a loop of slow tax trickle.


Very nice ideas but sadly this is too much to ask from this game maker. It’s likely that none of these would actually make it into the game.


Bro, just build TC everywhere near the buildings to make IO more efficient and that’s all.

The only thing I would update on Imperial academy is add one more research tech on it to have +2 IO (total of 6 IO) only if you have done all 4 dynasties.

just build 400w 300s buildings everywhere?

Not everywhere, just on the 20-30 military buildings like you do with the Imperial Academy landmark and other eco buildings united. JUST THAT

?when would you have a throw away 700 resources; and not just one resource of 700 but 400w 300stone to pop down near a mass of production buildings except many late imperial? But the issue I presented happens at the beginning of the game?

Because on the late game you expand your buildings so far away of your TC and Imperial Academy. If you want to lose all those gold taxes just for no pay that 400wood and 300stone is your choice. I survived late games with just gold from taxes and market camels and had same gold amounts than my enemies.

Thats stupid, sry to say that.

One resource node might yield 400-800 gold so your suggestion is to build TC’s everywhere to gain access to that gold? And were TC’s free? No, they cost 700 resources so essentially player would be heavily investing into getting potential then the fact that mid / late game when base is getting larger there is most likely 20-50 production buildings that each are getting 4gold per 20-30seconds. Gl investing to 10-15 TC’s

No, just 4 TC is okay bro

How did you gloss over the early game problem i presented with IOs not taking the most efficient paths to collecting taxes??

Also they can’t queue actions for example: take this tax from here and then supervise that wooden camp. You have to wait him for do his first action before order the next one.

“yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” not even longshot and even if you somehow manage to create perfect area with 4TC and IA then you hit the issue where the 1x IO is not capable of delivering the gold on cooldown due how slow they’re walking those leaving lot of gold stacking up in your base. Even with 2 its not sufficient

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