Following a casted game by aussie_drongo.
A player played the chinese stonewall tower rush his oponent , he walled in this oponent.
It looks like SC2 protoss canonn rush.
Civ china needs a nerf on this bonus “Villagers construct defenses 50 percent faster and all other buildings 100 percent faster.”
I’m thinking something like 25% bonus construction speed to all buildings.
i know china civ needs to build more landmarks in order to get acces to unique units & buildings but “c`est la vie”.
All civs have this choice to make.


walled him in and… lost


in cast game there are pro players in regular game where average joe still figures out how to play its 100% a viable strat to kill the fun.
NVM i’m talking about civ bonbuses that need to be adjusted

“I don’t like towers in my base! tower bad! nerf Chinese!”


can’t wait to tower rush with abasid chinese civ players in 1v1

actually Mongol can use TR more aggressive than any other civs. Cuz they only cost 75 woods to build one and with double produce of horse and spearman.
In some small map, Mongol can build tower on your gold at 1:30, don’t know any counter Methods so far.


The counter to tower rushes always has been to build a tower yourself. At least at the most vulnerable location. Since you can pull more vills to build it you will always build it faster denying your enemy the tower or being able to destroy the enemy tower faster with the help of your tower.

Yep but if you build it to counter TR. It would damage your eco meanwhile your opponent could developing well. Which basically are dead end for this round.

I do think Chinese need a nerf in late game (but needs a buff in early game). But stone wall rush is not a good reason for that, everyone with stone walls can do it. English can do it better with longbows and castle network. Not to mention stone wall itself is so expensive already, I often wall myself in when playing 4v4, even if I only draw a small circle around my TC, that’d take 1000+ stone already, not to mention walling an opponent in. If your opponent is using 1000 stone to do this, you can use 500 stone to wall in your entire farming and lumberjack region, making them immune from harrassment.