China nerfs

Devs what are you guys doing?

Do you see much China in high level comp play?

No. The logical thought process is to buff, but no. What do u do?

Increased monk stun CD that noone asked for. But no nerf to Japan’s monks double stun or Indian’s double stun.

The 10 second increase is huge, thats 33% increase in cooldown. wtf???

You also reduced Russian blockhouse pop capacity which also affects chinese for that age 2 (embass) free 10 pop capacity.


No one really ever uses it so I don’t think this really matters anyways

I agree with this though, that was an odd choice to nerf it.


I am convinced there is a bias against China in this game. I main them. They have no arsenal, which they should have, while both the Hausa and Ethiopians get them. Even some of the Native Americans have arsenal improvements. The Japanese get them. There is no way the country that invented firearms, bombs, and the flamethrower, lacks an arsenal lol.

Second, those Japanese monks need nerfed into oblivion. They should only have 1. Their ability to dodge is insane. In the Imperial age they have like 1,500HP, which is a lot less then the Shaolin Master or an explorer but they dodge EVERYTHING.

The nerf to the guardian stun attack infuriates me. That was ONE thing China had above its enemies, it could collect treasures easier and faster.

Oh and Sweden gets advanced arsenal for free, while every other European civ needs to send a card for it? That needs removed, entirely. They should have to spend a card for it.

The meteor hammers are great units and I think semi-balanced, the iron flail is utter trash. It either needs like 100-200 more HP or like 20 more attack to be useful, the Chinese lack any movement speed upgrades AT ALL, they can’t even get one for their artillery, which is the slowest in the game.

China needs an arsenal, and they should get an advanced one, or at least a unique one native to them, with techs for them, I’ve actually posted and ranted FURIOUSLY over this lol. Big stickler for historical accuracy but like, wow.

Also, random thing to say here, why does France have halberdiers? They have pikemen, same with Portugal, they should NOT have access to halberdiers. They have pikemen and musketeers, that’s it. Wasted space of a unit.


China is weak. Few people play for him and in most cases China shows itself worse than all other players in the match. Slow artillery, an inconvenient system of hiring troops, rather weak units, a mediocre economy. And if Japan’s shortcomings are compensated by strong mechanics, then China does not. The longer match lasts, the weaker China looks. I would like to see the buff of China…


technically now you can get the extra pop when you upgrade the block house, so I think china can get 15 pop blockhouse, which is something atleast.

I dont get the stun nerf either

Thats with the russian logistician. China needs more speed for artillery, cheaper flamethrowers and maybe boost Porcelain Tower through ages instead to have to wait th use it in later age ups. Maybe techs as Agra fort??


China has already got a small buff thanks to the new influence resource. I don’t know yet what influence can do though.

No no, in addition to the logistician, frontier and fortified blockhouses gain 5 pop each

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Ammm no, it´s the other way around i think…


I disagree. China are above most other native/asian civs in eco with access to a factory in age 3(porcelain tower wonder), I believe they can also get a factory in age 4 from russian consulate they can also get passive trickles from german consulate, +5% gather rate from french consulate, +7% hp from brit consulate for all troops. This is not to mention their 220 pop cap allowing them to have 100 vills, 2 factories and still field 120 military pop.

Japans monks are fine, they lose to basically any explorer and how often do you play imperial age, if you are in imperial then 2 monks certainly isn’t making you lose.
China needed its explorer ability changed, not only do they start with 2 scouting units, the explorer is the strongest in the game, even beating technically stronger explorers like the inca warchief just because of divine strike activating so often.
China cav becomes extremely strong when you send double faced armor card, test it out and calculate their hp taking into account the resistances.

Not sure what the issue is with france getting halberdiers? portugal also get them and have pikes and musks.


I agree, China gets better as the game goes on, I think the reason they are weak is just that they aren’t as good as other civs that scale well into late game, so they are in a bit of an awkward position.

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China is s bit difficult to get rolling early and many people end up suffering in the late game.

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china is quite a strong civ generally in age 3 for a big power spike, but since it seems most players have learned how to deal wkth that, going age 4 where china is even stronger seems ideal. They’re a pretty great civ as long as you don’t have to deal with cuirs, mahouts or spahi (etc.). I can’t believe changdao are still at such low multipliers, they’re like halfway between a pike and a halb, they should have like 3x or 3.5x vs cav, even if it took a card to do it. I’m not certain how china will look against african civs, I’ve yet to experience that myself


I imagine it will be me of the hardest counters in the game.

For Hausa the lifiti will make it an absolute pain for china because of them being like a slightly worse cuirassier.

For Ethiopia the mortar will shred all the infantry apart while the neftenia kill the cav

considering the hausa tower rush can come in at the time that china starts to age, i think its almost a dead on arrival kind of situation

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China maybe able to rush against ethiopia, but gascenya has the same speed as ckn which will make kiting difficult, not to mention the range advantage is also less.

The mortar might actually be less of a problem for china since hand mortars can pressure from range and meteor hammer can snipe from range so body blocking isnt a problem.

The bigger problem I see is mass Javs + gascenya since Javs will shred the cav in melee and the gascenya will just close in the melee the infantry to pieces. If china tries to kite then Javs will snare them as well.

Yeah, 3.5x vs cav seems right, just like rodelero; right now is one of china´s worst units xd

In TAD i would agree completely, but now in DE i´m not sure, Keshiks not only got buffed with ODR and now are one of the very best ranged cav in the game, like top 3-5 (better than ruyters for example) but they now also can be trained without relying on wood with the Mongolian Army, so i would say they now can face even the heaviest cav civs :slight_smile:

I think the way Changdaos are designed is supposed to be contrasted with the Qiang pike.

The pike is always supposed to be the anti-cav unit. The changdaos trade off multipliers for higher base attack.

The changdaos actually have higher base atk then rods, but the combination of their lower HP and their lower armour is what makes them ■■■■ against cav.

Their lower speed also mean that they cant chase off the cav properly

I think either an armour boost or maybe 2.5 multi vs cav is enough, then their damage is about the same as a rod

China just needs an advanced arsenal to help compensate. It would give their artillery more flexibility so that they can actually be applied effectively. But China is C tier at best but they are VERY strong once they get all their military upgrades but that requires treaty and requires their ally to shield them otherwise.


I think the changdaos are great but I think they should have a 1.5 multiplier against infantry, to be more historically accurate. That sword threatens anything, like a German zweihander. Though if not for that multiplier, I’d rather have military drummers boosting their speed or giving them another HP boosting card.

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