China suggestion

At first.I will tell:Chinese is an Low HP and Damage country.So,the card strengthen more.I think it’s normal
Second,If Chinese is op,we can in next edition to modify it
Third,I think Chinese need more strengthen.

My thinking:

If Chinese choose FF.I think they are not stay in age2.vice versa.Chinese have two types units.So the strengthen cards will strengthen two types units.I think it’s OK

1:Every Chinese 15% strengthen card →20%.To against the low HP and damage
2:As we know,Chinese is Disabled for some units.And I need more buff card for their units
(1):Add Ming army hitpoint;Standard Army Damage; Ming army Damage age2.Please Don’t say op for China,because other country have buff card too!!!
(2):As we know,Chinese is weakly against cavalry so much.I want to strengthen them but not directly.How to strengthen?Using Card.Let Chinese Changdao 2.25X against cavalry →2X.But add an card called:Anti cavalry man.Add 1X against cavalry for Changdao and QiangPikeman and +10%Damage.For starting weaken.Changdao hitpoint I think need become 135,Damage become 18.cost become 100 Food
(3):In now,Chinese army is not Cheap.Why?Because Chinese army is binding creation.I think Germany consulate can -15%-20% all cost to create Banner army
(4):Please strengthen Flamethrower.Range:10→12.Cost:170,170→150,150.Population:4→3
(5)Iron Flail HP become 300,Damage become 20,Arquebusier HP become 100,Damage become 15
(6)New army card.It’s unworthy.Tell me:They cost 500 Food and consume an shipment.Why I can’t update age3?So,Please let it Free,or let stepper Rider become Iron Flail and can in age 2 build Territorial Army and Imperial Army
(7)Please Giving Chinese a half of wood and let village cost become 175Wood
(8)2FlameThrowers Age3 →Age2.2Flyingcrows Age4 →Age3.Why?Because age4 have no limit 2FlyingCrow!!!

In my opinion.Not all of Changing China.But,I think:(1)(2)(5)(7) is so important

Not Change all!!!Change some and look next edition China performance.If op,weaken,if weaken,strengthen!

Maybe someone think Chinese is Good civ now,please you using China 1v1 with me!I use India or France.I am ≈ 400 ranking.We can solo for try!

Chinese military is strong and their shipments are amazingly strong. Don’t buff them.