China villager number in nomad map and start from castle age are wrong

In nomad map and start form castle age, china has starting from 3 people as other civ. In previous version, when TC are built will spawn other 3 villager, that will have 6 people and food is 0 after TC are built. But after DLC - Lord of West, china TC are built there is still only 3 villager and food is 0. Then it is very difficult for china civ for playing nomad map to compete with other civs.

Can confirm this. Starting a nomad game in Castle or Imperial Age causes Chinese to not get 3 villagers on TC completion. The same thing happens with Mayans and Incas not getting extra villager or llama.

Tatars also don’t get two sheep for their first TC. I guess the manipulations to adjust Tatar sheep bonus for first TC have caused this problem with Chinese, Mayans and Incas.