Chinampa HC card

This age2 aztec HC-card boost mills/plantations gathering rates by 10%
Europeans get economic theory in age1 that boost every gather rate. Why an age 2 card has less value than an age1 card?? We have to count that natural res are gathered faster, meaning that 10% is higher.
Also aztecs are low tier and they have difficulties going into estates from mines. Other option is to give Natives other extra upgrade to be at the same lvl than Europeans and asians(without cards)We have to remember that Euro civs have a lot of HC cards for estates like royal mint…


They could do like Japanese and have the card also ship a Travois that build only a farm to compensate (and make things more interesting)


cards in general are due for a systemwide balance and standardization pass, while culling or changing the useless ones. game would be better off for it.

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They need this cards because Aztecs gather coin tooo slow and natives lose an upgrade of 30% at states having less cards for them