China's Great Wall gates cause blockage

Hello, I just played a game. The other party uses Chinese. He built the Great Wall gate in the passage in the middle of the river. I ruined his gate tower of the Great Wall, but the remnant wall of the gate tower blocked it, and only a small opening in the center could enter and exit. This caused a confrontation between us, because no matter which side passed through the narrow passage first, it would be subject to fierce shelling from the other side. In the end we left here to find a new battle location, but I still felt that the opponent had successfully closed the passage because of the ruins of the city gate, which made me feel sick. I wonder if the army can pass through the ruins after the Great Wall gate is destroyed? Like an ordinary door?

Hey @SpecificNewt677! Were there still portions of the wall intact around the destroyed Great Wall Gatehouse? Any chance you can provide a screenshot along with a map seed for this one?


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Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t leave a screenshot, but I know there is another city wall next to it (about one square). After I got stuck, I tried to destroy the remaining city walls next to me, but the ruins of the gate of the Great Wall would still block the troops. Of course, the destroyed city wall can also pass, but it is very small, and in the end we both decided to close this passage and fight elsewhere.