Chinese Age 2 need Buff

Chinese Age 2 need Buff.
They age2 up slow than other civs.
and They very bad vs Calvary and musk. and rush
My English isn’t that good.

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They’re fine vs musk, cho ku no destroy them. China age 2 is not where they’re strong that’s why they always FF.

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more civs can rush at 5.00-5.30 min
China start age2 at all normal 5.00 min.
why ff?
FF lose eco

china just need age up more fast !! 20%

China typically FF’s and spams unit shipments.

The problem is that their ff is really strong and hard to punish for a lot of civs, if they make their age2 faster they will be also making their age 3 much faster too and they will be able to roll their deathball much earlier.
You need to be able to do good herding and use the villages to hide your vills to keep them working and send the chu ko nu shipment and try to time it with the Asian mm.

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Example , for pro player.
African Championship of AOE3! - Mitoe vs Ezad - QF Bo5 !casters !rules !socials


Lukas_L99 , n0eL ,

I know , how to play china,

I say Developer(Balance patch)
China is weak age up 2 very slow
lose vs cavalry musk and rush.
example for pro player .
at more tournament pro player play china lose 60-75,80%

China seems fine to me, just Z move and win most of the time😂


the caster got one thing wrong.

Aiz never use control groups.

agreed that china does have a bit of a weakness to age 2 cav musk, but I think the solution is to provide some kinds of defensive option, like the castle or blockhouse upon age up or unlocked when allying in consulate or something. Just a castle in base alone is enough to make the cav opening for china age 2 like aiz did a bit more viable

Their age3 is so disgusting they don’t need age2 buffs.


Why?The Cinese is trexble?

I wish it was true. I would be higher rated.

China is good on age2, age3, on the water, and there are FI build orders. Is quite hard to predict what China will do it.

I mean… I can also show you examples of games where China beats the opponent on age 2. Here a game of a Chinese player overwhelming a British player in age 2:

(Game starts at 01:01:51)

Here a game between Mitoe and Nicoperor from the global championship where China on Age 2 bests India.

(Game starts at 01:31:12)

China age 2 is fine. And now that Keshiks are bundled with Steppe Riders on the castle, they are actually doable.

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The deal is simple my friend, you want buff age 2? So nerf at his age 3. Would you like us to give him 100 more food as a starting crate … but downsize all his age 3 shipments?


10 Arquebusier=850Gold
11 Changdao swardman=1045Food
4 Iron Flail=960Food
5 Metoe Hammer=875Gold
Can let 11 Changdao become 10 Changdao
It’s <1000 Resourous

I understand that they struggle in certain scenarios and certain match ups, and they have very glaring weaknesses which many civs can easily exploit and it can be very frustrating.
However , while there are match ups that are really bad for China with civs that can rush them hard and keep them from getting where they need to be, there are also match ups where china is very favoured since a lot of civs lack the means to either punish their ff or hold their strong ff deathball timing which is also frustrating.
Buffing their age 2 will indirectly buff one of their strongest strategies which is their ff and although it will balance some match ups, the civs that already struggle vs the Chinese will simply have no chance of winning.


This is why I think a chinese buff should be defensive in nature. it will help china defend against the weaknesses that it has while not making their FF faster.

Things like this can involve some kind of free castle (especially since china’s age 2 cav army is in the castle) and another I still like is making the blockhouse in the russian consulate cheaper so you can get a defensive or offensive blockhouse in age 2

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