Chinese and abbasid dynasty - the opposite

In one side, 7 nightmare landmarks and the other, 2…

make things even worst: a hellish mass fire lancer and a breach = GG

this may vary depending on the tier of the players, but is a very anoying thing, I’ve seen games where a chinese won the game alone… and countering that strategy can be a problem if the armies are spread

but its not from fire lancer that I am speaking, its because chinese is the only civ that can build more than 3 landmarks (not considering the initial tc), and helps a lot because while you fight to find the landmarks, they can spread havoc with the fire lancers

and the abbasid dynasty is just the opposite, he can build only one landmark, and always together with the tc…
that make this civ so fragile, and put that hellish chinese fire lancer and you have a very broken thing…

then I came to a conclusion:

  1. CHINESE: each dynasty can be a tech inside of the landmark of its own age (same cost, no need to vills to, but dont have the bonus from its counterpart) I am sure this will make sense

  2. ABBASID DYNASTY: (here things can be open to other suggestions) you can build a different LANDMARK depending on the wing you have chosen to build to go to the castle and imperial age OR the house of wisdom doesnt count as a landmark, and you can build a LANDMARK on each age
    THE LANDMARK: it is not required to build if you dont want too, but: they can be a stable with: less% train unit, unique techs, shot arrows, a blacksmith, a monastery, etc, etc, etc (but they cost can or not remains the same as the original, but with the specs!)

I hope everybody understand what I wanted to point here, and I suggested some solutions, tell what you think about it!

I feel as though Abbasid Dynasty the house of wisdom’s wings should be physical expansions to the building with its own separate HP. Like the culture wing, once completed picks a space free next to it and shows like a uniquely styled mosque or something like that. That’s probably flawed though idk.

I thought it so far, but an enemy could build a house there and block it :frowning:

You could just let it take all the space it needs for all the wings regardless of whether they have been built. Nobody can walk or build there once it is placed. Place gardens there for empty wings or something.

Abbasid really hard to defense but fire lancer only kill noobs.
Anyone who plays 3v3 4v4 several times know to wall at least 1 landmark at true time.

Such suggestion has no possibility at all, because it requires spending art resources to design and create new 3D models of landmarks, Relic would never do so much work just for the sake of balance. Their artists are probably all busy developing COH3 right now.
Besides, the House of Wisdom is already many times more durable than normal buildings. When I played against Abbasid I even feel like it’s unkillable, 3 Trebuchets bombard it for 2 minutes straight and still cannot destroy it.

I know that, but when you play against an abbasid player, you know that 101 of 100% of the time, his HoW will be next to the tc, and that is a big weakness, against 7 possible landmarks from the chinese!
today I’ve almost lost a game, just because a britons player built the “feudal age” landmark a bit far from his tc, now imagine 6+1 spread on the map?!

if it can be done, then it is possible, just community demand!

it still in the same place, so no reason to change anything.

wall a landmark? really? yet to see this haha

I can wall a wonder, but it is calculated when you build him, not a LM looooool

It’s a civ weakness of abassid. Something you have to think about.
As for fire lancers. All your landmarks are in a very small space, and you can also take advantage of that, you can wall them all in, put up extra defenses covering that small space

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SO stay noob nobody can help u

maybe they can make it so when u research or go age up, from house of wisdomspawn another building like cart which player has to place somewhere , no other benefits but more landmarks.

Lol, do you suggest them to build their only Landmarks faraway from the starting TC so they can have enough space to wall it while disconnecting it entirely from other buildings and forget about Golden age. Your suggestion is ridiculous.

Have you checked the amount of HP on the House of Wisdom? Also, having to defend a single point can be an advantage.

Yeah, my IQ is low, my education is bad. Does that please you?

I can see you are just another Fire Lancer abuser that never actually try to wall a landmark and just go around calling people noob. To be able to fully wall in a landmark, you must find a nice open space which is very likely far away from your main base and a hefty amount of stone. Walling your landmarks also likely make them lost half of their values and in some case might be even completely useless because of the placement. Just because there are Chinese players in the game that forcing people to do that is toxic, far worse than the Delhi early sacred site strat that the devs already nerf.

If you fear firelancers that much when you play abasid, why don’t you stonewall your house of wisdom ?

golden age send you a hug!

your IQ is so high that it absorbed your brain, and you forget that if you wall, you will broken your golden age :+1: