Chinese are weakly now!

Actually I agree with you on some points, steppe riders and keshiks suck and not considerable to produce in RE patch.

btw have you watch ESOC records on youtube? You can see that Chinese is often picked and their winning rate are decent.

Sorry.I am a Chinese.Discord.Youtobe in China can’t open
Thanks for you help

Keshik and steppe rider are weakly!

Chinese flag army have some strict problem.
3Hussar vs 3Chukonus and 3QiangPikeman

Also,you can let Chinese card: “Standard Army Hitpoint” become "Standard Army Combat.
And add a new card: “Ming Army Combat”

I think it’s a advice for China

Chinese have the advantage of cheap units and cheap upgrades. They are the only civ thta can reliably get Imperial level units in the game.
For these two advantages, they pay up with having their army being mostlt Medieval.

A Chinese player can also get more units that any other civ so far, so you really have to go for large hordes as China, which is not only easy to do (Banner Armies are cheap and train fast, one of their Wonders produces free Banner Armies while another one produces free Rockets) but also greatly more powerful than what most other civs can do in Age 2, specially becauise you only need one type of production building to get access to ALL your non-siege units.

Try mixing some Territorrial Armies with your Old Hans, since Changdaos and Arquebusiers are basically the same as a German Barracks army for support (2handers and Skirmishers).

You should also get a lot of buff cards as China, since your units are already cheap and easy to mass, and Chinese buff shipments affect A LOT of unit types at once, tipically.
My favourites are Western Reforms and Banner School, but you can also not go wrong with splicing in Manchu Combat, all of which will make your most common units much closeer to the European ones, in terms of stats.

Thanks for your help !