Chinese are weakly now!

Now,I think Chinese are weakly
Chinese advantage:
Village,it can feed the pet and let villager staying in it
Chinese army is flag army,have 2 types
But who can tell me what called:steppe Rider and Keshik?
steppe Rider:85 gold 150HP???15 Damage??? 2x against Infantry and 0.5 against heavy Infantry
Keshik:115 Food 110 HP??? 8Damage???What happen?
Although Chinese have Iron fail and Metter Rider
Iron flail:240 Food??? 292HP? 19 Damage??? It have 240Food valueable?
MeteorHammer:175 gold 217HP??? 29damage.weakly than European!!!

I think
Iron flail become 220Food 300 HP and 20 Damage
MeteorHammer:180Gold 250HP 30 damage
steppe Rider:90Gold 180HP 18Damage
Keshik 120Food 150HP 10Damage

Based on what exactly?

Based on the Match and data

Oh, this was posted in the Aoe2 forums. This belongs in the Aoe3 forums. :slight_smile:

Chinese have a really strong rush with arba pike and kung fu disciple. Very strong.

Now this makes more sense actually

But Chinese army:Iron Flail and MeteorHammer weaken than Europe more
240Food get 19Damage and 292HP Cavalry???
85Gold get 15Damage and 150HP Cavalry???
So weak

Game cones out in a week so you can see if these units are less cost effective than European units. However I know on RE patch the China swordsman are cheaper than rodoleros yet stronger than rods…

Also i forget which cav unit has splash but that’s a very very strong cav that can rekt European cav.

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He just ignored the splash attack from iron flail and the ranged melee attack from meteor hammer, which are the strongest point of Chinese cavs.


Although Iron Flail have area Damage,but It only have 19 damage and 292HP,He need 240 Food!!

Just say that they are doomed vs French in treaty…

I give you some data:
1:QiangPikeman Cost 60Wood HP:105 ,Damage:7
Pikeman Cost 40Wood 40 Food HP:120 ,Damage:8
2:ChukoNu Cost 85 Food HP:90 ,Damage:5*3=15 2x against Heavy Infantry
Crossbowman Cost 40Wood 40 Food HP:100 ,Damage 16 1.3X against Heavy Infantry
3:SteppeRider Cost 85 gold HP:150 ,Damage 15 2x against Heavy Infantry,0.3Amror
Hussar Cost 120Food 80Gold HP:320,Damage 30 0.2Amror
4:Keshik Cost 115 Food HP:110 ,Damage 8
Dragoon Cost 90 Food 90Gold HP:200 ,Damage 22
Because European Dragoon free update HP:240 ,Damage 26
5:IronFlail Cost 240Food HP:292 ,Damage 19 1.5X against Infantry,1Area
Cuirassier Cost 150Food 150Gold HP:500 ,Damage 30 2Area
Because Chinese IronFlail have free discipline HP:350 ,Damage 22 1.5X against Infantry,1Area
6:MeteorHammer Cost 175Gold HP:217 ,Damage 29 2X against Artillery
Horseman(Iroquois) Cost 100Food 75 Wood HP:285 ,Damage 27 1.8X against Artillery
Because Chinese MeteorHammer have free discipline HP:260 ,Damage 34 2X against Artillery
7:Arquebusier Cost 85 Gold HP:97 ,Damage 14
Skirmisher Cost 50 Food 65 Gold HP:120 ,Damage 15
Because all of them have free update,so only look the basic data!
8:Changdao Cost 95 Food HP:120 ,Damage 15,only have Melee,2.3X against Cavalry
Musketeer Cost 75 Food 25 Gold HP:150 ,Damage:Melee 13,Ranged:23 Melee 3X against Cavalry
Because Chinese Changdao have free discipline HP:144 ,Damage:18,2.3Xagainst Cavalry

So We will know the Chinese,We must know the Rhythm
Chinese on Age 1 must get 100Wood and Chinese must use Villager to update,so Chinese will so slow to Age 2
Looking the Age 2
1:QiangPikeman Cost 60Wood HP:105 ,Damage:7
Pikeman Cost 40Wood 40 Food HP:120 ,Damage:8
2:ChukoNu Cost 85 Food HP:90 ,Damage:5*3=15 2x against Heavy Infantry
Crossbowman Cost 40Wood 40 Food HP:100 ,Damage 16 1.3X against Heavy Infantry
3:SteppeRider Cost 85 gold HP:150 ,Damage 15 2x against Heavy Infantry,0.3Amror
Hussar Cost 120Food 80Gold HP:320 ,Damage 30 0.2Amror
Chinese have many weakly army,and Chinese have flag army,so they must train 2 types,If Enemy use the all of Hussars,Chinese is so difficult
So Chinese Spring is Age 3
But Is Chinese on Age 3 so powerful?
I think no
Although Chinese have many free update army,but they have a Low basic,If enemy are update too Chinese can’t get the advantage
Someone think Chinese have excellent card of Army,but they need exp,If enemy can’t attack Chinese crazily,Chinese can’t get enough EXP.Chinese FF only can send 1-2 card(s).can’t Change the War

This is data from the match.So,I want to Enhance Chinese.
Thanks Very Much

Where are you coming up with these costs

Chinese is a a real powerhouse in colonial age.

I don’t understand what you did with your calcul. Just take the Old Han army : you have 3 arba and 3 pike for 255 food and 180 wood, which means each unit cost 42.5 food and 30 wood. Just by looking at this, the cost is very favorable for the chinese army (arba/pike cost 40 food and 40 wood each). Now look at the stat.

Chu Ko Nu : 90 hp, 20% ranged resist, 15 distance damage (x2 heavy infantery), ROF of 3

Arba : 100 hp, 20% ranged resist, 16 damage (x 1.25 heavy), ROF of 3.

Against age 2 musketeer, the chu ko nu will do 30 damage and the arba only 20. I’d say the chu ko nu is a way better counter than the crossbowman against musketeer, with slightly less hp though.

And now the pikeman/quiang

Quiang : 102 hp, 10% meleed resistance, 7 damage (x5 cav), ROF 1.5(siege 30)

Pikeman : 120 hp, 10% melee, 8 damage (x5 cav), ROF 1.5 (siege 32).

The pikeman is stronger, and do more damage to heavy cavalery. But it is much more easy to mass with chinese than with an european civ.

I’d say the chinese infantery is in a good place.

My idea is:Chinese army is Weak in Age 2.Maybe they have good cost performance.But because of Chinese update slowly.So,Chinese army weak especially against cavalry.This is a disaster.Chinese fear the cavalry in age2 very much!
Keshik is a fck army!

Do you think European using Pikeman against the Cavalry?No,they always use the Musketeer.Chinese can’t have it,and QiangPikeman is weak in Age2.So,against the cavalry,Chinese is Weak!

That’s why I want to get powerful Chinese

It’s the first time I heard euro civs won’t use pikes against cavs. It seems that it is your own problem of using pikes carelessly more than the civ itself.

Applying your concept, massing cavs against Dutch is a auto-win formula because they also don’t have musks.

Musketeer only need 100 res,can get Range attack,and melee is 13,3x against Cav=39
Pikeman need 80 res,but only have 8 melee!!!Melee can’t let all of Pikeman attack Enemy!
So,Pikeman weaken than Musketeer more!
Chinese against the cav need pikeman,Chinese flag army 3 and 3,If Pikeman died,tell me Chukonus how to life in the game?

This is my idea.Maybe not proper.
Chinese age 2 weak is categoric.I only want to appropriate enhancement China
Thanks giving me your help