Chinese artillery should be stronger in age IV

They are too weak in age IV,if we can seed a card called “Chinese artillery elite training”(cost 1000 gold,can be sent in age IV),that will be better.Just like the card“old dynasty reform”make those spams more useful in the late period.
This card can make Chinese artillery more stronger like that,my advice is:
1.The flamethrower will get 3X bonus damage against the mercenary.
2.The handmortor will be renamed as “Weyuanjiangjun mortor”,it will be added additional 50% basic damage,it will be damage 2 area,speed will be increase to 3.5,and will get 3X bonus damage against infantry.To ensure that,it will cost 2 populations and it will cost additional 70 gold for every new handmortor.It will be a good idea to make it as a weak light cannon.Just because the rubbish flamethrower is to weak.we need another kind of artillery,the enhanced handmortor will be a good choice.
3.The flying crow will increase it’s speed into 3.3,and most important thing is this card can improve their release,because their release is too weak and slow,just a little rubbish.If they release more quickly,it will be more useful.
If we can get this card in the future update,that will be a good news for the Chinese players,especially the PVE player.

Are you a treaty playe ?

I feel you should play another civ. China doesnt seem to suit you well. For me China is all aboit spaming individually weak units.

  1. I don’t know how much stronger FT will become, but I dont make them mainly due to range. So I wouldnt do it with your age4 card.

  2. This looks like a big nerf to me. HM are supposed to be good vs building and artillery, which is more than enough (because it does thus job well). Increasing pop from 1 to 2 and damage from 5 to 7 looks like a massive nerf pop wise, without being satisfying resource wise (+70c added to the 50f+90w)

  3. Flying crows are hard to get in supremacy, and probably have weaker stats because of being available in age 3 (and theoretically in age 2). But a buff in age 4 woukd be welcome.

So for me, as supremacy player, this card is rather bad (I am more of a Hand Mortar person) and I would never pick it, but if it makes others happy, then sure, I dont mind.

How much treaty China have you played? That’s my most played game mode and my most played civ in that game mode.

Your changes would make China completely worthless in treaty. Hand Mortars are supposed to be weak, they’re dirt-cheap and train fast. Your changes move their cost efficiency from slightly worse than a normal Howitzer to almost half as cost-efficient as a normal howitzer.

It is a straight nerf across the board.

My friend,we need a kind of artillery deal with infantry.Flamethrower is just a kind of junk and the release of the flying crow is a completely tragedy(I don’t like the Russian heavy cannon).I have no idea but the handmortar.After my change the handmortar can deal with many kinds of units,and I want to make it as a weak Haudenosaunee light cannon,not a weak howitzer. **If it still cost 1 pop,that will be a too strong.**In history,this kind of mortor can deal with many kinds of units,especially infantry.
Last but not least,it is just a game,and the Microsoft may not take my advice.Even if they take this advice,you can ingore this card hahahaha.

No. No China does not. If China had a reliable artillery unit to deal with infantry, they would be essentially unstoppable - they’ve got an army of extremely cost-efficient bodies to throw at their enemy that even Russia can’t compete with.

Gonna flat-out say it, but if you’re having trouble in the late-game with China, that’s a skill issue, not a China issue. China does not play like a European civ in the late-game. You are not defending a few artillery units to deal with infantry, you are throwing masses of bodies at infantry to deal with infantry.

IMO, it’s more cost-effective than artillery, even if you end up mowing through a lot more units in general.


Actually Chinese is really strong,and I really enjoy to use it,it is very easy to beat the rival if I play with China because their numbers and economic,I know it.But the Chinese artillery is too foolish to bear it,especially the flamethrower(I have nothing to say about it,it is just a king of junk) and the flying crow(it is powerfful,but thanks to the foolish release speed,the flying crow is very difficult to use,although it can produced by free).At least my wish is the flying crow will have a normal release speed not the foolish release speed.
If Mircosoft still want to make Chinese as a crowd tactics civ so they must make Chinese artillery foolish,I have nothing to say.

China has the best sklrm cav combo in game, a very solid eco, and a wide roster of very buffable units
They like all TAD civs are a bit weak to heavy cannons as by design their other strengths are better
this is an unnecessary ask, civs without musk would just get GG’d by forbidden banners (cav/cav) or imperial banners trivially.

Civs are supposed to have some weakness, and this one isnt even that bad if china can get OHF plus its full pop of 220 rolling on its army of 1 pop units with a few of the bad pathing hand mortars. other civs need something to thin the horder.


My friend,at least the release of the flying crow should be fixed,it is too foolish.

This problem should be fixed,especially to the PVE players,many of them want this card.

May be it is necessary to the PVE players.

make a mod
scenario editor while a bit archaic allows pve to do literally anything without having to worry on others feedback.
make a mod and if others are interested, they will download it.
it’s that simple really.

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This is a good idea,but until now,no one want to do this.

I like to improve them so that they use 2 pop because it fits with how they look visually, a crew of two. The improvement could be to simply give them +100% health and attack power, but only +75% cost. This way, the combat power per pop is still the same but relatively cheaper and faster to train.

I wouldn’t consider changing the name. Alternatively, perhaps the name “General Mortar” could be reserved for Mortars shipped from HC operated by Chinese crews.

That’s really a great idea,I hope to see this idea in the future update.