Chinese barbican

So, why is china (and everyone) able to put their landmarks everywhere (including 2 meters away from your own TC), and mongols can’t relocate their buildings near an enemy landmark?

Playing nomad, if a chinese is near you, he will build the barbican right in your TC, but you can’t realocate as mongol near others TC.

The last day, I was playing nomad, and as mongol, I noticed there was other guy so near of me, so I just packed my TC and was about to put it farthest, to get a gold vein, and MAGIC. You can’t realocate in a wide area from an enemy TC…

I guess you’re not familiar with the Mongol TC rush strategy and with how it ruined the first month of this game.


Nomad is a mod, there are certain things certain game mechanics weren’t designed for. Tbh, its the Modders responsibility to fix this issue. And It could be easily done via a Tuning pack. (ignore TC limitations)

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Yes, I know about this strategy.

Nomad is a mod… But isn’t an official mod? As far as I know, it was created by relic team, same as regicide, sure?