Chinese build speed bonus should not apply to wonders

As the title says really.

In team games wonders are already a misery as they rarely bring about interesting gameplay. It just culminates to ‘dive the furthest corner of the enemy base’ or landmark wipe the player who built it if they are new to the game. However, as the Chinese seem to be the most frequent builders of wonders they often spread their extra landmarks across their allies bases.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.

One faction should not be able to throw up a wonder twice as fast as any other.

Yes I know if the enemy has 12000 resources then etc etc but anyone who plays team games knows that 3k of each resource is a paltry amount to pay to force the enemy to play to your rules.

If you only play the Chinese faction please go back to the FL nerf thread where you will be needed to man the defences against the vast majority of the player base XD

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Early wonder wins are the best wins. Little work involved and highly rewarding. They allow you to play more games in the day. FL also helps us do that, or playing all English.