Chinese Building Bonus not working properly

The game says the Chinese have a 100% speed bonus for constructing buildings except for defensive buildings where they are supposed to have a 50% bonus. The way the game attempts to do this is by keeping the 100% bonus for defensive buildings too but increasing their construction time by 50%. This does however work out to be: 150%/200% = 133%, in other words only a 33% increase in construction speed. The Outpost for example takes 34s instead of 45s which is 45s/1.33 instead of the 45s/1.5 = 30s it should take, this is even more noticable for the Castle which takes an extra 10s to build this way.

If this were true… my math is %#+^}#*. So far relic and worlds edge have a ton of issues with “wording” and definition in the game. Maybe you can drive your point home by doing some more fact finding evidence? I like the chinese also… and i wouldnt mind alittle faster builds :grin:

I can just say, Relic people are either bad at match or they always forget to fix the UI. The attack speed increase for Springald, Mangonel and Arbaletrier are wrong as well

Thanks @W7rvin. I know I’m bad at math, but I’ll forward this along to those with a better brain than mine. Appreciate the report!