Chinese can't get a dinasty in a custom match

If you play a custon match as Chinese civ starting at castle age you will never be able to build the feudal landmarks and if you start the match at imperial age you will never be able to build any landmark and get special buildings like village, granary, pagoda, dinasty bonuses and chinese special units.

If you play from dark age you can always build previous landmarks, so is that a mistake or it’s did as intended for some reason? Thank you!

I can confirm op (20characters)

Thank you @ReyNess and @Daiginn. This is currently working as designed, but we are always listening on how to better Age IV.

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Is this the only civ that cant build its special units when started in imp? They loose their main and only viable horseman, their primary unit counter zhug… and im not positive but if they loose grenadier nest of bees and others… they have lost all its viable units. Maybe they can just check if its balanced to what if other civs loose anything?