Chinese Civ

I have no idea what I am doing wrong but they have the lowest win rate for me in all my games.

How do you play them better?


This is not your problem. Chinese civ was weak in the early 1v1, this is the problem of Microsoft designing games. Wait for Microsoft’s game balance patch… If you want to play Chinese civilization well, you need to spend more time than other civilizations to practicing and improving.


Play very defensively till castle… then flip offense. Before castle u should be able to eco better then anyone besides maybe a good french (from what im hearing)

Their construction process is different from most other civilizations, and maybe someone will be able to make good use of them in the future, but so far, they are one of the most difficult civilizations to learn.

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Yeah u have to play buildings bonuses with its imp officer in a way thats mapped out out before u even reach the next age. I mean, for instance granary’s u get so late and they are so huge u have to either rebuild all ur farms or plan for its location ahead of time. But chin civ benefits from being very tightly close together… but again spirit way the last bldg for imp goes together with ur archery and stables… so u have to either rebuild more or leave space for it… i started with chin at the onset, literally before i learned english or anything… and i am a moderate player… not pro by any means and i find them really easy… its just all viewpoint on play styles