Chinese dinasties

Unlocking the special units or buildings after upgrading to the next age is impossible unless you build both buildings, being an expensive decision to consider, therefore:

  • Reduce the cost to the second building from the same era by 30% so we can actually recruit the special units from each era, instead of just rushing to the Imperial Era and ignoring all of them in the process
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disagree, this will make Chinese too OP
firelancer will destory everything

I would rather developers remove Fire Lancer from the game or weaken Fire Lancer’s damage to buildings, and don’t want to see the Chinese dynasty so difficult to change. What I am looking forward to is a battle between units, not one Keep defending until you can produce a sufficient number of Fire Lancer to automatically win the game, which is boring.

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I think that the cost is alr fine, the problem is most landmarks are, comparing to other nations, pretty underwhelming and not worth the price. You have to build them only to get to the dynasty’s bonus, especially the landmarks going for imperial, great wall is hella useless, spirit way is no better if you don’t use the dynasty units. And both costs 2.4 K foods and 1.2 K golds. So it is better if the landmarks get buffed. For example,

  • imperial academy: could have extra research in castle/imperial, which could auto-collecting the tax (surrounding) building every minute, and another one which allow you to have 2 additional imperial officers.

  • Spirit way: reduce the cost of other non-unique unit for 10% for the surrounding production building, 20% for dynasty unit (nerf it)

  • Great wall: could be buffed in many ways like the attack buff not only apply around the gate, but also on every wall as well, or sight range buff of the palace should be given to this gatehouse instead, would make sense as it is the patrol house and built at the front line. Or even buff like something similar to the network castle of the English.

But overall, the main weakness of the Chinese is the non-aggressive early game, which is fine, but if some wanna buff it, may be given the Tang-dynasty unique unit like Imperial/Forbidden guard available in Feudal age would be nice, something like palace guard (Weak MaA, but better attack and movement speed), and later give the proper MaA that move slower but more tanky in the castle.