Chinese dynasty bonus should also be reworked

The process of Chinese must be first Song dynasty and then depending on the situation Yuan Dynasty, generally not Ming Dynasty, which is a little too monotonous.So I give some suggestions that are meant to make the Song Dynasty not necessary, the Yuan Dynasty not omnipotent, the Ming Dynasty valuable.

1.Song Dynasty Bonus:
Gain some of the most scarce resources immediately upon entry;
Cost reduction for ranged infantry units (except for gunpowder units)

Feudal age into Song Dynasty: 350 resources, 10% discount.Castle age into Song Dynasty: 850 resources, 15% discount.Imperial age into Song Dynasty: 1850 resources, 20% discount.

As a balance, Zhuge Nu cost increases by 10 gold.

2.Yuan Dynasty Bonus:
Gain some fire lancers immediately upon entry;
Cavalry unit movement speed increased

Castle age into Yuan Dynasty: 6 fire lancers,10% extra speed.Imperial age into Yuan Dynasty: 12 fire lancers,20% extra speed.

In addition, pagoda effect reworked: Pagoda provides influence and automatically collects taxes from nearby buildings when Imperial official are garrisoned (increased collection speed if Imperial Examinations have been researched).

3.Ming Dynasty Bonus:
Health of all military units who are already on the field is increased by 15% upon entry;
Gunpowder unit attack speed increased by 25%

Ming Dynasty gets unique buildings: One Grenadier is automatically produced per minute, up to 3 are built.

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The dynasties are not in need of dramatic reworking like this, as it stands, they are a more successful version of Abbasids house of wisdom. I have never however liked the idea of getting “free” units (as if its AoE3), instead of bonuses that grant me the ability to do something new or better. Free units always fade away and adds nothing but momentum, and I would rather have a tech or upgrade that makes the game more flavourful.

Not a fan of gaining resources, again, as if it is AoE3. Not a fan of nerfing Yuan even more, I think it should still affect siege. Restricting it to cavalry is sad and getting free firelancers is just even sadder. The pagoda works just fine as it is now. That 25% GP speed is broken, and free grenadiers, again, is just a sad AoE3 mechanic that can remain in AoE3.

Only thing I like about the suggestions is the idea to somehow buff “gunpowder” units. China’s Pyrotechnics tech used to actually be interesting, enhancing all gunpowder units with more range. It might have been strong, but I would have prefered it to be tuned down rather than restrict it to the stupid Handcannoneers only. Sad designers out here.


Thank you for your reading and comments.

The Abbasids were free to choose their wings, but the Chinese had to choose their dynasties in a fixed order, I didn’t think was interesting enough.The reason the Palace guards and Fire Lancers are weakened is not that these two units are strong at all, but that the Yuan bonus is strong, which I have always believed should be weakened. And the Ming bonus is too weak, the Grenadier enhanced is still weak, I just want to give it a chance to play.

As for pagodas, the fact is that historically China has had very limited influence from religion and I don’t think the Chinese should have any buff in this regard.Therefore, I think it would be more appropriate to change the pagoda into a more tax-themed building.

Which order should I go while playing the Chinese in online rank teamed games? Which dynasties should I be following?