Chinese dynasty icon blocks sight

This icon does not have the function of selection. It can only be viewed. It is not necessary to be so centered, because it blocks the view and is very easy to touch by mistake. Please move the icon around the screen.For example, adjust the position of Chinese dynasty Icon,put it near the resource UI.


Thanks for sharing feedback on this.
While this isn’t a bug, we’ll share this with the team for their review/consideration.


Thank you for your response!

Thanks, this is something frustrating when I play Chinese. Casted games like TheViper keep pointing it out as well: Chinese vs Delhi Sultanate | Water & Land | vs JorDan | Aoe4 Gameplay - YouTube

The same problem happened to me. During the busy operation, I occasionally accidentally touched the dynasty button in the center, which caused additional game disturbance. Although I still haven’t thought of a good alternative, maybe changing the button to another position that is less likely to be accidentally touched will make the player’s game experience better!

Agreed. This button’s positioning is incredibly awkward and unnecessary. And it’s way too big.

Please change it devs.

Agree, i don’t play Chinese cause of that. It makes it unplayable.