Chinese farm fee

The Chinese farm rate is lower, which means that the officer’s bonus does not fulfill its function in the farms, as seen in the video the Chinese collect 35 per minute while another civilization does 38 per minute.
So the use of the official that gives a bonus of 10+2 for each go results in: 3x12+5= 41 x/min
It is not the case of the rate of gold and stone that if it complies, with the officer, they collect 45 x/min.
I don’t know if this is deliberate please check.

Also the bonus of the barns is not cumulative in all the farms as one supposes, that it does, but I will make a video of it when I can

minute about the chinese

Thanks @HasanIchess! I’ll have the balance team take a look at this. Do note that the Granary does have a bug regarding its enhancement on farmers (or lack thereof) that is being looked into.

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thanks for reviewing the farms, and about the barns I realized that what I don’t like is the very concept of the barns since they occupy 16 squares each and it would be necessary to put the three very close together so that the three influence as many farms as possible, comparing it with the influence of the aachen chapel since it is only one building and covers more farms