Chinese Granaries are in a weird spot right now


through testing ideal farm setups around the granaries, having three granaries is only slightly better than having one supervised granary (I tested it with 40 farms). Since walking time becomes negligible after wheelbarrow, the second and third granary becomes something like a fith wheel.

I suggest increasing the bonus to 20 % faster food gathering and reduce the maximum number of granaries by 1. In that way, granaries feel more meaningful building them together, without being overpowered.


According to my analysis, regarding the barns I have also noticed that only the farm that is influenced by two barns receives the bonus, the rest of the farms do not, however the theory suggests that all farms they will receive the bonus cumulatively

You should report it as a bug. If it takes 2 granaries to activate a bonus, it’s definitely a bug

I’d prefer having a flat 15% drop off non-stackable bonus (like supervision) to a stackable bonus. In reality perfect set up is sometime impossible due to map generation and its quite unfair.

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what I am trying to say is that only the farm that receives the aura of the three barns receives the bonus, which in practice the barns are not placed forming a triangle but a row, therefore some farms will receive the bonus of two barns .
But I think most of us believed that the bonus was for all farms, that is only true in English that only when you get older if you receive your bonus on all farms

I see what you mean. Like I said a perfect or even good set up is often not possible, thus in reality people are forced to go with suboptimal set up due to RNG which is totally out of their control.

So only farms placed on intersections (be it by 2 or 3 granaries) receive the bonus? The outer perimeter ones act as standard farms?

yes, and I think most people think that barns influence all farms like the aura of Abbasid or HRE, but it is not

is it better to build mills?

it depends on the game state. Once you build farms, I think it’s worth it build one granary