Chinese Grenadiers, really good or meh?

I’ve been playing with the chinese and trying the last dynasty, but massing grenadiers (against A.I) hasnt shown tooo many benefits as massing cannoneers

Do you use them??? what are their real benefits in battle? or are they a replacement of siege from the clocktower???

Too expensive to get. They can deal nice amount of dmg if they get proper throws but very situational. Clockwork tower is purely better

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I’ve played Chinese quite a bit but used grenadiers very little, can’t tell where they would fit best,
Just wait, someone will find a way of using them brilliantly…. Maybe

You can build stone walls so they have more range and more HP

They’re really meh right now imo,

The problem I run into is that to build enough grenadiers to do anything, I can’t build anything else to defend them, so yes they might waltz through an army or two, by the time they have built mangonels I don’t have enough population to make enough springalds to be effective.

Of course playing anything other than fire lancer Chinese is just being a good sport right now, bc fire lancers are beyond op.

Edit: I can already hear someone asking “well why not delete villagers”

As mentioned above, grenadiers are expensive, to be able to continuously pump them out you’ve gotta keep at minimum 70 villagers.

Wait so you stop building villagers when you reach 70? I usually stop at 110.

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Ideally I like about 110 as China also, I was making a point that even though I already constrain my eco, to field a decent sized army I have to constrain it even more

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I play with 80 vills and with archery range in zone of spirit way they are so much cheaper! and imperial supervision get them done in 5 seconds! so I could mass them but with no good results against big armies.

Regarding the opness of fire lancers… the other chinese player was doing it like that, massing them so I massed spearmen, end of fire lancers. for real.

oh wait, tell me more about this please, i stop at 80, if I do 110 I feel like my army would be very small how do you keep it balanced???

You don’t lol, but yeah grenadiers should do more.

I’ll admit they’ll wipe some infantry or some cav from some walls but yeahhh

its not necessarily about army size but about endless reproduction. I think a person with 110 vills will win against your 80 wills even if loosing a first fight.

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it… worked… LIKE CHARM!! (but the enemies were very noobish) thx god so i had enough time to build it this way with 105 vill+traders. VERY NICE!! ill try this from now on. thx u!!!

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The Dynasty system is poorly designed apart from Song Dynasty. The cost for Song Dynasty is a appropritate if you play 2 TC into Song.

This way, you get a little over 3 TC worth of production and you unlock village + Chuko Nu. Thats reasonable for a civ bonus.

But other than that, Age 3 and Age 4 Landmarks are way too expensive to be worth building before Imperial Age.

Ontop of this, Age 3 and Age 4 Landmarks for the Chinese are the worst Landmarks in the game. The Imperial Academy does nothing useful, you can just build scouts and towers for 60 food and 100 wood and spread them across the map like Zerg players spread overlords for map vision. Compare this to other Landmarks like the TC from the English, the + 50% gold income Landmark from the Mongols or the Regnitz Cathedral from HRE. The Imperial Academy is a joke.

The Spirit Way has less range than the Landmark which reduces siege unit cost for the Rus. And the Spirit Way does nothing unless you invest atleast 600 ressources into Song Dynasty. No other Landmark in the game has such a condition before its any useful. And the Radius is too small, it should affect all production buildings regardless of placement.

The Great Wall Gatehouse is an even bigger joke than the Imperial Academy. No one is using ranged units ontop of walls. The damage bonus is again a pitiful small radius. If it would affect ALL ranged units regardless of where they are on walls, then this would atleast have some use.

Additional Wall HP is not a great bonus either.

Most of the Chinese Landmarks are terrible and not worth building. The only reason players build these is because they end up banking ressources on 200/200 pop with 120 villager economy. But I would like to see them being used before that.

Also, the fact that you lose access to previously unlocked Dynasty buildings is terrible. You can build all units with the Spirit way, but the buildings stay locked forever, which makes no sense.

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We had a loooong team game, everyone in imperial, 4vs4, and Chinese enemy spammed grenadiers. Let’s just say he was the one who killed by far most units in that game.

When massed, they’re ridiculously strong. Even 60 French knights had a hard time against them. Hope we see some adjustments. Their cost seems reasonable but a slight nerf on their damage or HP would be reasonable as well. Mangonels do seem to counter them but currently they’re an all-rounder against any inf, arch or cav which is bad.

I think they’re fine and do what they’re supposed to.

They’re pretty expensive compared to say a regular archer, and they’re still very vulnerable to mangonels and cannons or longbows

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