Chinese Lancer either give them a unique name and icon, or have them use spears as weapons


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neither fish nor fowl

Yep, Chinese lancer needs a unique UI icon.
The current one is a European Knight icon.

The rule for unique symbols seems to be related to difference in the actual unit.

The chinese lancer has identical stat to basic lancer and knights. The weapon is just cosmetic. If you recall, every civilization has different looking units, so this isn’t enough of a reason to declare them all to be unique.

If every unit is unique, then none of them are. China has plenty of actual unique units, so lets not muddle the waters here. These aren’t unique. And about the weapon thing; their weapons are dope. There is nothing wrong with them having a different weapon to other knights or lancers. For example, spearmen are suppoused to have different weapons based on different civilizations, which is currently bugged. And units generally have differing weapons anyway. The chinese lancer’s weapon doesn’t provide any benefit to warrant making them “unique”.

So I say no to both making them unique as well as changing their weapon. They are fine as they are.

It is not a bug, it is a mistake.
They intentionally swapped the civ origin weapon to the current one.
They even created that weapon for each civ by copying it.
You can see it in the editor.

For example, the Mongols’ spearman weapon is named "Spearwall.mon’
And the actual weapon they chose is the ‘common spear’
It happened to Mongol knights too.
It is a 3-second fix, nothing difficult.

And it is seemingly a bug, though, of course I can’t verify. Here are some examples.

The weapons are still in game, and not just in the editor. Charging with spearmen will actually swap their weapons onto the original ones they held, suggesting that it was indeed meant to be in the game.

Another point is that this has been reported multiple times and has been noted by those managing the forums. They’ve always stated that this is something they want to look at, but is very low priority. While this doesn’t explicitly clarify whether the decision was intentional, this response at least hints that it is something they intend to get to and fix sometime.

And I agree. It is a simple fix that I myself could do. Alas, it isn’t exactly news to see that AoE4 is just lacking manpower behind it. There are many things they ought to fix, who knows when they’ll get to them.

Why don’t Lancer use spears? No matter how much you say, I will never understand that

I mean it will take only 3 seconds to fix it.
Just ctrl+c every weapon attachment and done xD
They just need 3 secs

Probably because it’s a video game, wherein this is a generic “knight” unit.

They took a different route to AoE2 in that they actually made different models for every civilization. It makes them feel different and unique. I really adore the Chinese lancer for how cool it looks, which is especially aided by its weapon.

Maybe it looks different enough that it could even be a unique unit with different stats. But, again, Chinese already have many unique units and it is good enough for the lancer to just look cool. Creating this ultimatum where you’re either requesting something unrealistic like the addition to yet another Unique unit to China, OR remove a cool visual feature from their lancer is really silly, I think.

Because you’re basically asking to just make them look more generic. Do we really need that, for it to make “sense”? it’s a game brother, enjoy the rule of cool.

Chinese/Japanese (and other East Asian) heavy cavalry historically used certain 2-handed polearms like glaives/naginatas. There isn’t anything wrong with the weapon they have now.

All lancers should have different stat than knights.

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You don’t understand what I mean. The name of the Chinese heavy cavalry unit is Lancer, but they don’t use lance. I think the current weapons are also quite good, but they don’t match the name.

Moreover, the weapons of Chinese heavy cavalry are not long, and there is no need to switch weapons for close combat after charging. Only Western knights have this operation. The heavy cavalry of the East do not need it

also, would be nice to have a heavy unique unit at age II to be able to match up against maa and knights