Chinese meteor hammer cavalry bug supplement

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  • GAME BUILD #: Current Build
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Although aoe4 has been released, I still care about aoe3de.
The previous feedback topic description is not detailed enough, and can not be edited now. Therefore, in order to avoid ambiguity in the repair by the production team, I decided to make further detailed supplementary description on the model display bug of the Chinese meteor hammer cavalry.
Let me add that the current situation of meteor hammer cavalry is that the horse is upgraded normally (from 1 to 3, skip 2, everything is normal, and there is no need to modify), but the rider mistakenly stays at 1.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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This is a bug that continues from the original to the present.

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The correct form should be that the rider is the same as the horse, upgraded from 1 to 3, skip 2. that is, retain the two most different appearances.
Here I would like to remind the production team that the appearance of meteor hammer riders 2 and 3 is very close. Be careful not to make mistakes when correcting.

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AGE3(Both the rider and the horse are the initial appearance, which is no problem.):

AGE4/5(Current error call result,The horse has been upgraded, but the rider’s appearance has not changed.):

AGE4/5(Results that should have been called correctly,Riders and horses are upgraded.):

By the way, this bug has lasted since the original version. Although the texture has been HD after De, it is still not used, which not only wastes the work of the modeler, but also makes the meteor hammer cavalry look very uncoordinated.
In a word, it is recommended that the production team repair this bug as soon as possible, although I also know that it is not worth mentioning compared with stability and balance.

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this bug has lasted since the original version.

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Can the production team follow up my question? Tell me it’s already being repaired…

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Hi @ahioz9426 !

Thanks, we are already tracking this issue!

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Thank you very much for your attention!!!

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Please change the model of Arquebusier , Steppe_rider and Changdao

Hello, I’m a Chinese player of AOE3. I’ve played this game for 17 years and I like it very much. For some Chinese arms (Arquebusier, Changdao and Steppe rider), the appeerance is wrong and does not conform to history. I suggest that through simple modification, without adding new models, we can make Chinese arms more beautiful and more in line with history,Although it can be achieved through mod, I think I can see these changes when playing multiplayer games.



The hairstyle of the Arquebusier is wrong. The army of the Qing Dynasty would not have such a hairstyle, and it doesn’t look like a regular army. It is suggested to add a hat (keshik_hat_rank02) to him, which is more in line with history


Arquebusier’s hat of era4/5 is wrong. I know you have referred to historical portraits, but the hat should have red lines. I modeled it (with Chukonu hat), but it still needs new modeling, so it can also be changed to the hat of (keshik_hat_rank02)


  1. Steppe rider

The hair style of the Steppe rider is wrong. He looks a bit like a monk and a bandit. He is not a regular army. It is suggested to add keshik_hat_rank03 to him. This is a Mongolian hat, which looks more beautiful with it.



I have to say that the Changdao is most handsome one, but you have a model hidden. Please make full use of model resources -. I suggest enabling this model

不得不说,长刀兵是最帅的一个兵种了,但是你们有一个模型被隐藏了,可以参考这篇文章Please make full use of model resources - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum,我建议把这个模型启用

As stated in this article, you should make full use of models. In order to prevent waste, I suggest applying models of changdao and Arquebusier in era 2. Through the reform of the new army, the appeerance will be automatically changed with the upgrade


I really hope the production team can adopt my opinion. These changes will not take much time, but will bring a better experience. Please adopt, thank you!


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