Chinese / Mongolian spearmen with deformed weapons?

When approaching the enemy and erecting spears, the weapons of Chinese / Mongolian spearmen will be deformed, and the specific situations of silver helmets and gold helmets seem to be different.

Obviously, in aoe4, the weapons of Chinese / Mongolian spearmen have a unique shape. The modeler did make Chinese and Mongolian style spears / halberds, but they are only revealed when approaching the enemy and erecting spears. Usually, they are common European style weapons.

It is obviously incongruous for Chinese / Mongolian spearmen to use typical European weapons, which is also a waste of the work achievements of the modeler. Therefore, please fix the wrong bug called by this model and let Chinese / Mongolian spearmen use their own style weapons. Because they have similar characteristics and belong to long rod weapons, it will not hinder unit identification, And more civilized.

I noticed that the latest Chinese / Mongolian civilization introduction films did not fix this bug,Seriously, it affects my playing experience, which is my only dissatisfaction with aoe4. I really hope this small bug can be repaired when it is officially released.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.

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You already made a thread about this that is still active…


coh2 still has bugged visuals to this day, many of which are fixed by ticking a checkbox in the tool that was used to set them up. if the issue is still present at launch, there is a high chance it will stay forever.

I hope the official can reply to me and repair this small bug as soon as possible.

It’s unimaginable,Don’t…

This is only the most basic texture error. Aren’t they going to fix it?

Please be patient for two days, it may have been fixed.

I hope so, but the live display of these days has not changed at all…

Daily reminder. I hope the production team can notice this bug.