Chinese Mythology for Age of Mythology II

I think we can all agree that the Chinese mythology for Retold or II should be overhauled 100%.
Here are some of the mythical units (some of which you may not have heard of) I would like to see if it is ever included in the future.


Yu Huang (The Jade Emperor) - God of the Sky and Land

Mazu - Goddess of the Sea

Yanluo Wang - God of Death and Hell

Long … asdf asdf… Wang - God of Dragons and the Four Seas. (had to separate his name with asdf asdf to avoid censorship…)

Caishen - God of Wealth

Erlang Shen - God of Purity and Decency

Chinese Bestiary:

  1. Baihu (White Tiger) - this mythical tiger beast symbolizes power and army.
  2. Baize - A formidable and mythical white cow-like beast who can overcome attacks and hauntings from 11,520 types of supernatural creatures in the world. This type of creature should be a mythical tanky unit with high HP and armor in-game.
  3. Bingmayong (Terracotta Warrior) - self explanatory.
  4. Longgui (Dragon Turtle) - legendary Chinese creature that combines two of the four celestial animals of Chinese mythology: the body of a turtle with a dragon’s head is promoted as a positive ornament in Feng Shui, symbolizing courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support.
  5. Niutou Yu Mamian (Ox-Head and Horse-face) - hell’s guardians. These come in pairs or the developers can mix them into 1 with an ox-head and a horse-face instead.
  6. Qilin - legendary chimerical creature that appears in Chinese mythology, and is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. (Noted this creature should be a mythic aged creature).
  7. Qinglong (Azure Dragon) - the powerful Azure Dragon represents the east and the spring season.
  8. Hundun - yellow colored six winged chaotic creatures with six legs and no face
  9. Jiangshi - zombies that hop instead of walk.
  10. Nian - a terrifying monster from under the sea and the mountain who wreaks havoc. It is afraid of the color red and firecracker sounds.
  11. Pixiu - powerful protectors of feng shui practitioners, and resemble strong, winged lions. Pixiu are auspicious, winged animals, written about in ancient Chinese history and heralded through the millennia by fantastic stories of powerful and grandiose feats of victory in battle. Their legend has been passed down through 2,000 years of Chinese lore. They have the head of a Chinese dragon, the body of a lion, and historically sport on their heads either one antler (male) or two antlers (female).
  12. Qiongqi - monstrous creatures that eat people. It looks chimeric in nature with horns and torso with hedgehog fur, and a tiger face with razor sharp teeth and claws.
  13. Taotie - nightmarish looking creatures who are extremely gluttonous. They have a sheep’s body and a human face latched on. In addition, they have eyes under their armpits. Look up 狍鴞 to get an idea what they look like.
  14. Taowu - extremely reckless creatures with bodies of a tiger, human faced, boar-like tusks and mouth, dog hair, and an extremely long tail.
  15. Xiezhi - goat/sheep-like monster with a single horn perched on top of its head. The horn hungers for the guilty and spares the innocent.
  16. Zhuque (Vermillion Bird) - red bird that resembles a pheasant with a five-colored plumage and is perpetually covered in flames.


Sun Wukong (The Monkey King) - Sun Wukong possesses many abilities. He has amazing strength and quickness. Sun Wukong also acquires the 72 Earthly Transformations, which allow him to access 72 unique powers, including the ability to transform into sundry animals and objects. He is a skilled fighter, capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven. His hair has magical properties, capable of making copies of himself or transforming into various weapons, animals and other things.

The Chinese mythology deserves a second chance. They have a rich background and many unique bestiary to choose from.

Should the Chinese Mythology be added in Age of Mythology II?
  • YES! We need the Chinese myth in this game 100%. A second chance would be awesome and justified.
  • No. Not interested.

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in my opinion yes Chinese should be part of sooner or later.

But about a few mentioned creatures I think some of them with the sheep body could be not intimidating enough especially if there are more than one also the head and face thing is hard to imagine at least for me personally.

What about these creatures I found some of them look really cool but I can’t read Chinese so I don’t know what their names are:

edit: okay i found an englush version.

there is a monkey called jufu which could throw stones likes current norse trolls. (i think norse trolls should be bigger and throw boulders anyway)

a creature called Gudiao looks pretty cool

nine-tailed fox could be great as a scouting or healing myth unit (?)

a creature called Zheng which looks pretty damn badass and would be an amazing addition (also seems to eat leopards and tigers instead of humans for once xD)

  • Qilin, vermillion bird, terracota warriors and Pixiu are in my opinion a must. Qiongqi and taowu sound pretty damn cool too.

if there will be titans sun wukong could be a great idea (or a giant ape in general since sun wukong even possibly be really cool sounds quite a bit overpowered xD)


Great suggestions! The nine-tailed fox, if I recalled correctly, is a mythical unit that originated from the Korean mythology.

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《山海經》 is Classic of Mountains and Seas

nine-tailed fox originated from this book

I think The Journey to The West (西遊記) gives more interesting mythical creatures with their own unique ability


Building on this, I have the skeleton of a Chinese tech tree rework-

Chinese rework

Given the poor quality of the Chinese in tale of the dragon, here is my idea of how to rework the Chinese civilization into something more unique and interesting-

Production structures

Levy/Conscription- Aside from the Castle, Chinese military production structures have access to both the Levy and conscription technologies one age earlier and at a significant reduction in cost.

  • Barracks-
    • Halberdier- Basic infantry. Counters cavalry. Costs less than the usual counterpart.
    • Crossbowman- Basic Archer. Counters infantry. Has slightly more damage per attack but has a slower fire rate.
    • [Placeholder] – Counter archer infantry. Inferior in all respects to Huskarl except cost. Age 3.
  • Stables-
    • Steppe Raider- Basic Cavalry. Counters archers.
    • Mounted Archer- Archer/Cavalry hybrid. Treated as a cavalry unit for armor purposes but does pierce damage. Counters infantry but low armor and range means it is also countered by archers and cavalry.
  • Siege Works-
    • Someone else do this
  • Castle- The Chinese fort. Produces Elite units. Levy and conscription cost the same as normal. Units are more costly than their usual counterparts.
    • Jian Warrior- Elite Counter infantry. Has high HP but low speed and does a small amount of AOE.
    • Chu-ko-nu/Zhuge Nu- Elite counter Cavalry unit and soft anti infantry archer unit. Countered by other archers due to low range and pierce armor. Fires multiple projectiles per attack but.
    • Chariot- Heavy cavalry unit. Counters archers and structures.

Favor- Chinese favor has been completely uprooted and replaced. In its place, buildings as a whole now gather and store favor as their functions are made use of. Drop off sites gain favor through receiving resources, production buildings gain it through producing units, houses gain it over time at a rate proportionate to used population, ect. Each structure has a maximum amount of favor it can store. To tap and make use of this favor, the Chinese use a special psudo god power calls “imperial census” to extract the available favor stored within all structures in a target area as well a all town centers/citadels that the player own on the map, regardless of location. “Imperial census” has several unique traits that set it apart from other god powers- first, it is separate from other god powers like the titan gate; second, it is infinite use, and instead goes onto a recharge timer when used; and finally, it can be used at any time and place in the game regardless of restrictions that normally apply to god powers, such as Isis monuments, or rain and eclipse disabling the use of god powers.


The Chinese defenses work slightly differently than other factions aside from their fort

Walls- The normal walls available to the Chinese, similar to the Norse do not go above tier 2. Instead the Chinese can instead build great walls in tier 3 which are larger, more expensive, and SIGNIFIGANTLY more durable.

Towers. Chinese towers are less durable, but do more damage and have unique upgrades.


Immortal- same as always.

Main god specific leaders- Chinese unit are on their own, in addition to being cheaper than their counterparts from other civilizations weaker than their counterpart to a significant degree. To make up for this, the Chinese have special leadership units that increase the stats of surrounding Chinese units whose availability is dependent upon major god.

Note- these can be changed to better suit mythology and playstyle

  • General- An all-around upgrade from their base EE version. Now a powerful mounted hero unit, general are a fast-moving cavalry hero unit. Units in a large area around the general get an attack boost which can be boosted further through the General’ war cry ability. Limit of 1.
  • Monk- Monks bear little resemblance to the form they take in EE aside from their healing ability. Gone is their ability to convert enemies and in its place is weak basic attack (albeit one with a strong multiplier vs myth units) that can be charged up outside of combat to deal significantly more damage and throw enemies a distance proportionate to its charge. The longer the monk I outside of combat, the more charge this single strike will do. Units in a medium area around the monk will take reduced damage. Limit of 3.
  • Imperial Administrator- unlike the General or monk, the imperial administrator is a relatively weak human archer unit with a bonus against myth units, albeit not one big enough to make up for its poor stats, meaning it will still lose against most low tier myth units one on one. Units in a small area around the Administrator move faster. The administrator also has a special attack that “marks” the units he hits with it, lowering their armor, damage and speed by a small amount, allowing other units to more effectively take it down. Limit of 10.

I have no idea how to differentiate their scouting.

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