CHINESE NEED TREADMILL CRANE. And hand cannoneers possibly. Japanese and Koreans have treadmill crane, but not Chinese? Makes no sense. I can KINDA understand why they don’t have siege engineers, but come on… Treadmill Crane.

Hear me out, but maybe, just maybe, it has to do with Chinese having the most HP on any walls, Keeps and Bombard Towers ?

And to begin with, in what world do Chinese need a buff ?


Koreans and Japanese have upgraded towers as well though

Japanese shoot three arrows and koreans shoot further and can build much more b/c 20% stone picking bonus.

AND free tower upgrades for Koreans

They can get rid of Heavy Camel Rider if they would get Treadmill Crane. :frowning:

Chinese are a much stronger civ than Japanese or Koreans, all they are missing is for balance reasons.

If Chinese was to get Gunpowder or Treadmill Crane, then they would need massive sweeping nerfs to their defenses, Infantry and Archers.


Much much stronger. We should be close to discuss how to nerf them actually


No need to nerf them, even though they are effectively “The Best Civ”, because they can do everything.
Chinese are hard to play, since they have such an uncommon start, and actually lack a wealth of lategame techs.
They are just the jack-of-all-trades civ, which is incredibly powerful, but also hard to use for the vast majority of players, since they are effectively not specialized in anything.


Haha are these troll threads? Why are people asking for one of the worst techs in the game all of a sudden?? :joy:

China is literally in the top 5 most powerful civs. They don’t need anything else, regardless of how unrealistic it is. Aztecs shouldn’t have STEEL XBOWS and TREBUCHETS for realism… But they do… For balance. Same for lack of tech on china.


if you were to take away crossbows, arbs, steel, wheels, and trebs from the meso civs they wouldn’t be a very good civ period.


I’ve never seen an opponent use Chinese yet

they are a very common pick at the highest level.


Give Eagle Warriors 400 HP instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Troll confirmed.
And a bad one at that.

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Yeah and while I’m at it let’s give the knight line trample and piercing/armor ignore


Give the aztecs all their unique units in replace of crossbowman, men-at-arms, etc.

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You know what? They could simply rename and reskin their units. The first four could be the Militia line, and the last two could be the Spear line.

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obviously a huge amount of work and might be too much for a human to balance, but to make it realistic they could reskin the current models, but then also give them training discounts and only the first Blacksmith upgrades… so you end up with a malay elephant equevalent of either type of soldier… they would also need to lose all siege (especially trebs)… would make for some insane balancing…

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yeah they’re probably one of the hardest civs to use for lower skill levels due to that start… but they are s-tier power levels the moment you learn how to use them…