Chinese on Fortress

Hey ya’ll. My friend and I always play team games together, and this map rotation, we’ve been favoriting Fortress. We’ve fought Chinese there a few times, and they’ve always been very powerful, able to start building Chu-Ku-Nu early and really mass them. I’d like to try it, but have no idea how you’d handle Chinese eco there. Any suggestions for a build order? I don’t see a way to avoid a solid chunk of idle tc time, but I’d like to minimize it if possible, and then be in a position to hit castle age, put down at least one more tc, if not two, and start UU production.

There isnt one side fits all solution. There are multiple possibilities. Look for some youtube vids about the Chinese. Just some examples:

TheViper playing on Fortress with Chinese

Another guy sharing its build order for Chinese on Arena:

A global guide on Chinese from Hera:

A global guide on Chinese from Survivalist:

So lots of possible guides out there to get the feeling on how to play Chinese. Then you have to adapt things for Fortress.

Note: I havent watched all of these, but these seem all great to watch if you want to know more about playing as Chinese.


He doesnt want to play Chinese, he wants to know how to play AGAINST Chinese.

No, the OP explicitly says they want to try Chinese and have no idea about it, so the first reply is actually very much so appropriate.

Thank you very much! I wouldn’t have thought of skipping the lumber camp, honestly, I assumed that with only a hundred wood you were forced to go for a lumber camp and wait on a mill. But on Fortress it makes a lot of sense, actually. Just gave it a try vs the AI, and I think I was able to stay a vil ahead of generic civs. Much obliged!

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