Chinese player color is too much

This topic does not talk about the Chinese units of era 4. After all, they are cloth armor (embedded metal armor), and it is normal to have a large number of colors.
This topic mainly discusses the Chinese units of era 3, including spearmen, crossbows and knights. These units wear metal armor, but there is almost no metal color. Instead, they are replaced by a large area of player color, which is not only very strange, but also a kind of visual torture.

No matter what unit is a pile of colors, if the player is red, you will see the armor made of red metal, which is really weird.

It is hoped that several metal armor units in Chinese era 3 can be adjusted in the future to make them also have beautiful metal color.


I wonder if this suggestion involving model modification is still expected to be adopted?

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国人?I also agree with this proposal.

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感谢支持。Thank you for your support.

是的,感谢支持。Thank you for your support.

牛奥amazing :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Yes!Hope it can be fix

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What do you mean?isn’t this the topic related to aoe4?

我的 看错了 时代三看成帝3 实力眼瞎了