Chinese player problem

I dont know what is wrong with china but chinese players has some problem. For example they try a tactic: If it fail they leave even if team winning and many more weird things. This is really annoying. 1 chinese player = %60 lose, 2+ chinese players = %100 lose. Whoever has less chinese they win the game.


Its sounds me like russian player in cs:go xd.

Not racist, facts.


Russians have normal players in high levels at cs but chinese are another level. They are easly tilted. No matter their ranks

Not to mention the spectate hack in tg nomad and michi are all from this country


Such stuff exist in the game. Guys with Spanish names lame the most, Chinese players are civ pickers etc. etc.


What about those guys with numbers as nicknames? Weird tactics or error because ideograms are not displayed correctly?

No. Those number are their IM ID

Their char can be displayed in my client


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IMO, non-English character names and number names shouldn’t be allowed since it is very difficult to recognize the names. Non-English players might have an issue with this but I guess this is a steam related issue anyway and there’s nothing the aoe devs can do. But, I’m hoping we can add notes and nicknames to players so that we can keep track of players with non-standard names, and, also, the notes can help with improving the player experience.


Not sure whether it can be fixed because some player change their name in every single game so that opponent can never know what strategy by recognizing their name. Of course in you can know they are the same guy by the ID but it is nothing to do with the name


I’m afraid we are slowly moving in that direction.

Much better. Find ways to deal with differences rather than making them illegal.


It also can’t be tracked via nickname you can’t find his profile on rated system you are %500 right on that.

Nickname changes should be limited for ranked. There are so much games in steam like this…

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This approach can really solve the problem

Maybe a system of traduction for nicknames to the idiome of the Game?

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I can corroborate and confirm this “Chinese player problem”. I play many unranked matches, and over the years, those players with numbers for their username like 916475982 have a 100% early quit rate. Not 99.9% of the time they will quit early before the game is over, but 100% of the time. Which is why I tell hosts to kick these players out if they want to have a good game.

Humor: At one point I stupidly thought these players were putting their social security numbers as their user ID. LOL


Best Hell Jokes I have ever seen LOL

Well if i know correctly, in some asian countries (south korea etc) when players are registering the online games they use some kind of identity numbers. Maybe you are right


God sake. Every game i play 3-4 chinese players and i am about to lose my mind. I dont even close to china but every game they are here to ruin my game.

well chinese players have a rather interesting approach in age, faced one in 3, then watched a replay after barely winning, turns out he was maphacking and had basically spies enabled since the 1st second (third party software), i’m confident they do the same thing here as well, they have no moral restrictions in play based on my experience (not saying all are like this, but a large % is)

nothing good is coming out of this discussion, closed.