Chinese Pros and Cons

Anyone tell me the pros and cons of learning this civ?

It is not a DLC, so I guess it is not about the pros & cons of learning one civ? Learning all civs has the same pros & cons: entertain you & take your time. So just give it a try.

If you are talking about Chinese civ’s Pros:
The unique Dynasty system (simply being able to build 6 landmarks is also pretty enjoyable for sim city players).
Many unique units.
Clocktower units are very competitive (don’t forget to supervise it with your official).
Fire lancer rush is definitely a 4x4 newcomer killer.
Song Dynasty eco-boom by TC spamming. Great for greedy players.

One of the hardest to master.
No handy units during the early game. Could be very vulnerable.
Since you can build all of them, all landmarks except Clocktower are very weak.


Chinese are very dynamic due to the supervise ability of the impo, meaning really strong timings on anything you do.

But especially in feudal age they have absolutely nothing to play with, which makes them really bad up to impossible to play in 1v1 scenarios against feudal ram all ins with lets say knights/archers french or longbowmen/spears english.
They have no free upgraded spears, no early MAAs, no early knights, no special unit to play with rn, no particulary strong eco bonus to speed through your weakphase, really bad landmarks and no civ bonuses to speak of (you have to unlock them with investment while everyone else gets them for free: french with faster vill production, cheaper ressource drop of buildings, cheaper upgrades, free atk dmg upgrade and so on).


Pro- you will learn to like it or you will learn how to fight it…

Con… :thinking: :man_shrugging: im a glass half full kinda guy

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China’s pretty weak early on and a lot of their landmarks are underwhelming (although barbican and clocktower are solid) that said they are the best imp civ in the game. They have really good dynasty bonuses. Fire lancers are great, they have super strong bombards and if you somehow get to grenadiers you basically auto-win.

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Thanks guys. I’m kinda scared to try and use them now