Chinese Sentries and Irregulars can't spawn after dispatching "Boxer Rebellion" shipment, affects "Village Defenses" shipment as well

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  • GAME BUILD #: v100.12.21704.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, 64 bit

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This bug has happened consistently. This bug occurs when playing as China in Single Player against an AI on any difficulty. Sentries and Irregulars do not spawn after the “Boxer Rebellion” card is shipped from the Home City. They can be trained but no units will spawn.

After shipping the “Boxer Rebellion” card, shipping the “Village Defenses” card, which enables the training of Sentries and Irregulars from Chinese Villages, will result in the same outcome. Sentries and Irregulars can be trained at Villages, but no units will be spawn from them either.

(Sentries and Irregulars can be trained successfully at villages from the “Village Defenses” card, only if “Boxer Rebellion” has not yet arrived from the Home City.)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play As China in Single Player, any difficulty.
  2. Have the “Boxer Rebellion” and “Village Defenses” card in your Home City Deck
  3. Ship “Boxer Rebellion” and train Sentries and Irregulars from your Town Center. No units will spawn.
  4. After shipping “Boxer Rebellion,” ship “Village Defenses,” and train Sentries and Irregulars from your Villages. No units will spawn either.

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Sentries and Irregulars should be successfully trained and spawned from Town Centres and Villages, respectively, after the “Boxer Rebellion” and “Village Defenses” cards are shipped from the Home City.

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Can’t upload attachments because I am a new user. So here is a Youtube video of the entire game. Timestamps are in the description.


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This issue is being tracked by our team. Thanks for the report

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This affect also the American Minuteman card: called to arms minutemen won’t appear