Chinese: Song dynasty grenadiers

In a recent game, I was able to make grenadiers as the Song dynasty. In said game, I built all of the wonders needed to level up-to the Ming dynasty; advancing to Ming unlocked the grenadiers. Afterwards, if I build all of the Song wonders, I will leave the Ming dynasty and enter the Song dynasty with no way to change dynasties; however, I’m not sure that is what is intended.

Said game was played on 5.0.7989.0 on a Windows PC (i5-1135g7, 20GB RAM).

See attached image.

Red circles highlight the “Song dynasty”, “units selected”, and “grenadiers” moving from top of the image to bottom.

This is no problem, do you have a spirit way building? It allows you to produce units from past dynasties.

I have the spirit way landmark so I was able to build all of the units from past dynasties but not buildings. However, I was a bit surprised that I could anachronistically progress from the Tang → Ming → Song dynasty. If that progression is allowed and intended, then this bug report isn’t relevant.

Yes, the design of the game allows arbitrary dynasties to change the order, no problem. I’m glad you report on the forum and get answers.

Yeah, think this one is intended. Gotta pay attention to your builds as chinese to not get locked out of what you want to get that game.