Chinese translation of Coustillier is terrible

Coustillier is translated as “马上轻装兵” in Chinese, which literally has no difference with “light calvary”. If you don’t know how to translate, you can always transliterate (as the Japanese version does). If you want to have an accurate translation, here’s some material for you to learn. The famous Age of Chivalry mod has exactly the Burgundians and the Coustillier. Check how it is translated:

「coustilier」亦可拼作「coutilier」、「coutillier」、「coustillier」,Edouard de La Barre Duparcq 著《戰法與歷史的元素 Elements of Military Art and History 》( D. Van Nostrand 1863 年版頁 105)提到:「 lance 一詞指稱一個由重騎士及其隨從組成的小隊,後者是由一名 coutillier(因其腿上長而闊的小刀得名) 、一名 page 、一名 varlet 構成。 coutillier 經常徒步而行,並且負責牽領運貨馬匹」,此外中譯本《藍登書屋韋氏英漢大學詞典(Random House Webster’s College Dictionary)》(商務印書館 1997 年版頁 40)收錄的「coistrel」詞條亦言及該詞「顯然由中古法語 quistron (<晚期拉丁語 cocistrō(開小酒店的)詞幹 cocistrōn-)和 coustiller (騎士的隨從)(字面意義:佩刀人)< coustille(匕首)所合成」。雖然「騎士侍從」是某些學術著作採用的譯名,但因為「page」與「varlet」有時也是用上相同或接近的譯法,加上「coustilier」又與持刀有明顯的關係,因此「佩刀騎侍」、「佩刀侍從」或「騎士刀侍」一類譯名似乎比較能兼顧其本意以及避免與「page」、「varlet」混淆。

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The traditional Chinese version actually has a good transliteration: “库斯蒂利尔”, in the tech tree overview. But it’s not consistent with the icon and in-game description.


There are quite a few awful Chinese translations on DE, either it’s literally machine translation, or the translators have no idea what they’re dealing with/spent no efforts into researching. image