Chocolata UI (Multiplayer supported :D)

Discuss Chocolata UI (Multiplayer supported :D)

A good mod.
And I hope there’s a mod can change UI’s color.
I’d like a blue UI.

Glad you like it ArtisstZ.

I think it is possible to change one of the three UIs for a colored version of another one. Ex:

Definitive as Definitive UI
Classic as Classic UI
And Default as Classic UI blue version

No idea how add more UIs to the select menu. Even with that there is a lot of of UI items that I don’t know how to customize them to that level, for example the panels seems not to change the color on those specific tags in the xaml files. Could work change the .png files like buttons and some panels and then add them a blue filter + opacity but it’s kinda difficult and time consuming.

But if you want I can show you what I know to you could give it a try to achieve it.

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