Choson ansi castle multi play usemap play youtube

645 AD. Tang Dynasty’s Emperor ‘Taejong’ attacked the kingdom of Koguryo(the son of Ancient CHOSON Kingdom).

Taejong was defeated by Lord of Ansi Castle and fierce Siege Battle at Ansi Castle,

and He lost his one eyeball, and ran away to his home of China Xian City…,

서기 645년. 당태종은 'CHOSON’의 후손 고구려 왕국을 공격하였습니다.

당태종은 ‘Ansi Castle’ 이란 곳에서 'Ansi Castle’의 Lord와 치열한 'Siege Battle’을 벌여 패배하고 눈알 한 개를 잃어버리고 도망쳤습니다.

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